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UnWheel R5 is, as Im sure you can imagine, a huge improvement over any previous release. Here are a couple of highlights of this version:...


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UnWheel R5 is, as Im sure you can imagine, a huge improvement over any previous release. Here are a couple of highlights of this version:

More speed: Overall speed has been increased dramatically. As with the UnWheel MSU release, we still have tubro boosts on top of that.

More toys: More vehicles than ever - UnWheel now boasts a massive 40 vehicles. As usual, everything from rally cars, dune buggies, street racers, monster trucks, racing trucks, sports cars, busses and trucks, quad-bikes and trikes, and for the first time - Formual 1 racers.

More playgrounds: This release features over 80 maps. All of the ones from the previous release have been tweaked and improved, we see the return of some maps from the very beginning of UnWheel from UT2003, updated and refined for R5, as well as many brand new masterpieces.

More pain: The damage system has been fully revised, and damage now affects not only your vehicles appearance, but it\'s performance as well. Careful driving is now critical in race and rally stages. The damage system has also opened up the doorway to a new gametype - Wrecker - where it\'s a fight for survival to be the last man standing!

More beautiful: In addition to many of the usual effects, textures, etc having updates, we have such visual features as realtime reflections - where the environment is reflected on your vehicle, and realtime shadows - your vehicle will cast shadows as you pass by light sources. Both of these can be disabled or enabled to suit your performance preferences.

More competitive: Another brand new feature of this release is our World Record Lap Database. This allows you to compete with other players from around the world for the best times on race tracks and rally stages. Your best lap times can be recorded and submitted to the record database, for other players to try to beat. Records can be viewed in-game as well as via the UnWheel website (follow the Records & Rankings link on the menu above).

More compatible: UnWheel R5 makes full use of UT2004\'s mod support, so your UnWheel files will no longer clutter your base UT2004 folders. UnWheel has all of it\'s files within it\'s own directory, making for easily installation, upgrading, and uninstalling.

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