First words: OH, MY GOD!!! I am so glad i found this file!! It's kik-ass!!!! I'm sorry i cannot hold in my excitment in for this! Lemmie e...


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First words: OH, MY GOD!!! I am so glad i found this file!! It's kik-ass!!!! I'm sorry i cannot hold in my excitment in for this! Lemmie explain: Basically, this mod turns UT2004, into a whole new thing, RACING! Not with the default vehicles, but with really, really cool cars that have been created. The maps are absolutelt awesome, this is one of the best mods, or whatever its called, i've seen for a long time! You can run it on a server, play it in Instant Action. The file is pretty big, yeah, and it would actually be fairly hard to install, sot hats why there's a nice handy installer in the Zip. It's really good for a Beta, i can see why it's one, there are plenty of improvments that need to be made, like you can go through things on certain maps, just dodgey thing like that:) May all be improved. This is so worth the Download, please, if you want fun DOWNLOAD this NOW!! Have Fun:D ~TBV_Betrayer~ ~ScreenShots From TBV_Betrayer~

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Download 'unwheelb3.zip' (128.6MB)

If you plan on running an UnWheel server for other players to join (LAN or Internet), you will need to make a small addition to your server's main INI file (usually UT2004.ini): 
Starting the game
Once in-game, you can start a game of UnWheel exactly the way you would any of the default Unreal Torunament 2004 game types. Select one of the UnWheel game types from the game type list, select a map to play, set the game options as you normally would, and click "Play" to begin the game.

Vehicle selecion and setup
When the map has loaded, you will be prompted to select your vehicle. Just click one in the list on the left and you will see a 3D rotating view of it. 
If you would like to tweak your vehicle settings, click the "Setup" button. Another window will open displaying various options you can change which will affect your vehicle handling.

Firsty, select a setup 'slot' from the drop-list on the top-left. Each of your vehicles can have up to 3 seperate setups which you can use for varying driving conditions. To rename a setup, select it from the list and enter the new name in the edit area to the right of the drop-list, then click the "Update name" button.

To change any of the available options, simply drag the sliders backeards and forwards. Once you're done, click the "Select" button to save and close the window.

You will also be able to access the setup window mid-game if the map you are in has a pit area. Simply driving into such an area will bring up the setup window where you can change anything just as you would at the start of a game.

The controls for UnWheel are fairly simple. Use your move forwards/backwards keys to accellerate and brake (once you have come to a stop, pressing backwards will make you reverse). To steer, use the strafe left/right keys. 
Pressing the jump key will reset your vehicle if you have rolled or are unable to continue for some reason. Resetting will cause you to drop things you are carrying like flags.

To move the free camera closer to or further away from your vehicle, hold the fire and alt-fire buttons. This has no affect when you are using a fixed camera.

Additionally, you may want to set up some UnWheel-specific keys. These can be set from UT2004's controls configuration window. Just scroll down to the section entitled "UnWheel" and assign the available options whichever keys you want.

Controls are available for the following options:

Full Reset
- In addition to the quick reset mentioned above (Jump key), you can use a full reset to place your vehicle back at the last waypoint/checkpoint/goal you were at. Useful if you get yourself into a sticky situation.
Toggle headlights
- Turns your headlights on and off.
- Using a turbo boost will give you a short burst of extra speed and accelleration. After the turbo has drained, it will take a while to regenerate before you can use it again.
Toggle camera
- Cycles between the cameras avaiable on your vehicle
Drop camera
- [free camera mode only] 'Drops' the camera at it's current location and focuses on your vehicle. Using the fire and alt-fire buttons will cause the view to zoom in or out.
Rear view
- If you're using a fixed camera view, holding down this will flip the view around to show what's behind you.
Toggle mouse steering
- Pressing this key will allow you to switch between mouse steering and normal steering.

How to play
The various UnWheel game types are straight-forward and easy to pick up on pretty quicky. Here's a short description of each one:

In Roamer, players score by driving over various 'roam points' in various locations. After scoring at one roam point, one of the other roam points will become active. The red target indicator on the top of the HUD will point towards the active roam point. Follow it to the next roam point to score. To win, a player must reach the score limit by driving over as many roam points as possible, as quickly as possible.

Kinf of the Hill
To win a King of the Hill round, players must try to keep control of a specific area of the map. More than one player can in fact be the 'king' at once, so players must try to knock other players out and keep them out of the 'hill' area while still trying to stay in themselves. For every few seconds a player manages to stay in the scoring area, a point is awarded until a player can reach the target number of points to win.

Racing really needs no explination. Players are placed on a track which they must follow to complete laps. All checkpoints placed at various points around the track must be driven through in order to complete a lap. The first player to complete the specified number of laps wins.

Like Race, but Rally takes place over a much longer course and there are no laps. The first player to complete the course wins.

Capture the Flag
A flag is spawned at any one of a number of possible locations in a map which players must drive over in order to pick up. After picking up a flag, the player with the flag will be giuded toward the capture point by the target indicator, while the other player's target indicators point out the location of the flag carrier. Players can steal the flag from the carrier by bumping into him. Any player who enters the capture point while holding a flag will be awarded a point. Once a flag capture is scored, a flag will be re-spawned somewhere in the map. To win, a player must reach the capture limit.

In Rabbit, a flag is spawned in the map and players must pick it up by driving over it. Once a player has the flag, that player will score one point every second. Other players may steal the flag by bumping into the player with the flag. The player who reaches the score limit first by holding the flag the longest, wins.

Big Air
The goal of Big Air is to get the most airtime possible as quickly as possible. You can do this by making jumps, driving off high places, etc. The first player to get the amount of airtime (in seconds) specified by the Goal Score is the winner.

This is a basic list of things wrong with, or missing in this version: 
Bots are only supported in Race at the moment. Bots are disabled in other gametypes as well as in multiplayer (for better multiplayer performance) 
There may be (and mosy likely are) many multiplayer issues you will find 
Vehicles may occasionally get stuck/freeze in certain areas of some maps, this seems to be a problem with some object's collision detection and the Karma physics of the vehicles. If you find yourself unable to continue, try a quick or full reset.

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