UT2003 ION Cannon for UT2004



Makes the UT2004 ION just like the 2003 version.



UT2003 Ion Cannon
for UT2004 by Wormbo
Homepage: http://www.koehler-homepage.de/wormbo/

In UT2003 there had to be an Ion Cannon Satellite on a map in order to be able
to use the Ion Painter. You could only target an area the satellite had a line
of sight to.
Now in UT2004 the satellite itself does no longer have to be on the map and the
ion blast comes from straight above the maekrd target location. However, the
old UT2003 maps in UT2004 still contain the Ion Cannon Satellite, even though
it's not visible.
This mutator will make the satellite visible again and if it's in a map you
will only be able to mark a target location with the painter if the satellite
has a line of sight to it - just like it was in UT2003.

Put the files IonCannon2k3.u and .ucl your server's UT2004\System directory and
you're ready to use the mutator.
If you want to prevent problems with demo playback, add the following line to
the [Engine.GameEngine] section of your server's INI file:


If you want to add the mutator to your server's startup commandline, its class
name is "IonCannon2k3.MutUT2003IonCannon".

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