UT2004 - Link from The Legend of Zelda v10.0



Link for UT2004 as a character model. This has been a long long time in the making. Hope you all enjoy it! Link now gibs into pieces when shot real bad, he turns into burnt Link when burned. Make sure you check out his custom animations!

Note: This model is not created by me, the original author made this in late 2004. However, I modified an UPL file for the character in misery because the download link of version 9 over L4Y/UT2003HQ is already gone and Ive lost the original archive of this model stored on my new HDD, crashed and no more. Took time to make this model alive for the new download link, sorry for the misleading of my humble exhibition and this is a non-UMOD format, I hope!

Version 10 includes the Green and Gold team support, I made them using GIMP, so this guy works well for TDM4/CTF4/BR4 gametypes, as well as the UZ2 files of the four consecutive files for uploading to your own redirected server. Im very happy with it. Glad to see some few players who still playing and enjoyed the UT2004 game.


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