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Adds navy vehicles to maps. This is only usable on maps that support it. IE, the map maker needs to of put spawn points for these big boys....


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Adds navy vehicles to maps. This is only usable on maps that support it. IE, the map maker needs to of put spawn points for these big boys. IT does come with some maps, so you can still download this and enjoy. Plus, all you map makers out there can add these to your maps. The bots don't usually like getting in the boats for some reason, maybe they get seasick?

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Download 'ut2004navyumod.zip' (19.05MB)

UT2004Navy     Mutator For Unreal Tournament 2004

= Author:			Shawn **Monarch** Yarbrough				=
=											=
= Questions or Comments?								=
=											=
= Email @ Yarb105@comcast.net								=
=											=
= Visit my homepage at http://www.PlanetUnreal.com/Monarch				=
=											=
= Build Time: 		6  Months							=
=											=

Take to the water in Battleships,Nuclear Submarine,Missile Frigates and more.

 If doing a Umod Installation it Should all install itself automaticly.		

 If your doing a Manual installation the files go to the folders below.		
 File Name			Destination						
 ---------			-----------						
 UT2004Navy.u 		     goes into your UT2004\System Folder			
 UT2004Navy.ucl 	     goes into your UT2004\System Folder			
 UT2004Navy_Anim.Ukx         goes into your UT2004\Animations Folder			
 UT2004Navy_ST.Usx 	     goes into your UT2004\StaticMeshes Folder			
 UT2004Navy_Tex.Utx	     goes into your UT2004\Textures Folder			
 UT2004Navy_Snd.Utx          goes into your UT2004\Sounds Folder			

 			Vehicle Descriptions and Weapons				     	     
 Vehicle Type										             
 BattleShip: Heavy Armored and lots of fire Power. Nothing beats the this flag ship without a heck of a fight.
	     Armed with 4 Main Guns each gun has 3 Barrels. can devestate other ships and pound ground forces
	     into the earth.
	     Also Armed with 4 Minigun Turrets for for attacking near by vessels and defending the Battleship from 
	     Air attacks.	

 Nuclear Submarine: The Second Largest Vessel and one of the most Deadly. With the Ability to attack unseen from 
		    beneath the water with torpedoes. or suface and launch a deadly tacticle Nuclear Missile, this 
		    submarine is a force to be reckoned with in the sea.

 Missile Frigate: Great for air Defense from enemy fighters and taking out targets on the sea, the Rocket pod works great.
		  And with the Heavy Guided missiles in the rear can reak devestation on land and sea targets.

 PT-Boat:    This Gun Boat is a multi purpose Ship but generally its first prioraty is to protect the Crusiers from enemy
	     Armed with torpedoes and deapth charges for taking out enemy subs.
	     Also Armed with a front heavy cannon for a Passenger, and a Mini gun turret in the rear. the PT-Boat shouldn't
	     be taken lightly. 

 Patrol Boat: The Lightest and fastest ship in the fleet. These small patrol boats are great for scouting and Harrassing 
	      bigger ships. The Driver has the ability to call in bombers to bomb a target sited from the patrol boat,
	      and a Passenger can control the minigun turret in the front.

 Mini Sub: Mostly used for sneaking into enemy waters unseen but can defend itself with mini rapid firing torpedoes.   

 This is Based on the Defualt Setup of Controls in UT 2004.					     												     =
 Forward           - Accelerate						    
 Backward          - Decelerate     
 Strafeleft        - Turn Left 						    
 StrafeRight       - Turn Right 						    
 Fire              - Fires Primary Weapon  (Mouse Left button by Defualt)			     
 Alt Fire          - Secondary Weapon      (Mouse Right button by Defualt)

 USE               - Get in and Out	(U by Defualt)  
 Keyboard No# 1    - Change to Driver Position						    
 KeyBoard No#2     - Change to Passenger Position						     
 F4                - Toggles 1st  And 3rd Person View 

For Attack Nuclear Submarines
 Crouch            - Dive

 Jump		   - Surface  
 LastWeapon        - Change Weapon from Torpedoes to Nuke Missile	     (B by Defualt)  

 Fire 		   - When in Nuke Missile Mode Hold down and aim laser at target.

 Alt Fire	   - Zooms Periscope.

For Mini Subs
 Crouch            - Dive

 Jump		   - Surface  
 Alt Fire	   - Zooms Periscope.												     


	FOR MAP DEVELOPERS									     
   (1) Terrain: Any terrain used like Islands and beaches can slope to the water a little then should go straight
		to the bottom.

		Ships can go on land but are not very manuverable so use the Boat Blocking volume and small boat
		Blocking Volume to surround areas where a ship could go on land like Beaches. These volumes will 
		only Block Ships and Subs. any other vehicle can pass through it.
		Any Boat Factory should be placed above the water volume and should not have any Terrain underneath it
		or else when the ship is spawned it could shoot straight up into the air.       
   (2)  You can put a Ship in your map in 2 ways.						     
        1) load the mutator go to pawn\Vehicle\SVehicle\ONSVehicle\ONSTreadCraft\UT2004NavalVehicles, and Select the Ship
	and place it in your map.								     
	(Note: Ships placed this way wont respawn). 						     
	Then select the Ship placed right click on it go to its properties under vehicle 	     
	place the team number 0 for red, 1 for blue.						     
        2) If you want them to respawn you'll need a factory. instead of going to pawn, go to	     
        SVehicleFactory\Factory_BoatVehicleFactory and choose the factory you want.		     
	Then select it Right click go to its Properties. under BoatFactory you can set the        
	team number for the Fighter that will spawn.						     
    (4) Pathing For Bots: for the bots to Move in the boats you need HoverPathNodes	 	     
	for the bot to follow in the Water. you can place them at further distances then normal	     
	pathnodes. to place them go to NavigationPoint\Pathnode\HoverPathNode.			     
	The Bots need to be "forced" into the boats. I do this by putting a Player start near the boat then puting a pathnode
	nearby on the deck of the ship. Then in the Pathnode properties under object I copy the pathnode name ie Pathnode86 for example 
	and put this in the properties of the Playerstart under navagation\ForcedPaths  so when a bot is spawned its forced to go to that pathnode
	and drop down to the ship deck and start it off. this can not be good somtimes for once in a while the bot will end up swimming if theres
	no ship. but its the best I can do for now.
	Also when putting down Hoverpathnodes the first 2 to 3 of the hover pathnodes from the ship out to sea should be forced so for example
	HoverPathnode1 should be forced to hoverpathnode2 and from 2 to 3.											     

   (5) WaterTextures and fluid surfaces: FluidSurfaces	and ProcMeshes should be used at the mappers descretion over large volumes of water.
					 As cool as they are they can bring a Game to its knees and be very laggy or slow.
					 I use Sheets with a slightly animated texture for water even though this dosent look the best
					 I much rather have good game play on a mediocre water then choppy gameplay over great looking water.

   (6) Boat Blocking Volumes: I made 2 types of Blocking volumes BoatBlockingVolume and SmallBoatBlocking Volume. The boatblockingVolume is used for 
			      all ships except the patrolboat,minisub.
			      The SmallBoatBlockingVolume will Block the Patrolboat and Minisub. They work just like a blocking volume but will only
			      block ships, any other vehicle or player weaponfire ect. can pass through just fine and won't be blocked.
			      these work great for keeping ships off land areas.

   (7) SeaMines: under Decoration is the sea mine a nice spike ball. just place these in the water if you want if a ship hits it they explode and the
		 ship takes damage.									   

 			For Server Admins						     	     
   To just run the maps with the Boats nothing needs to be added.				     
   To Adjust Ships Health auto turrets ect mutator needs to be loaded in the UT2004.ini	     	

 			Known Bugs						     	     
  Bots Don't like to use Boats much.
  Battle Ship Automatic main guns dont target very well.

  Sometimes a boat or sub can "stall" causing it to not accelerate or move when exiting and re-entering the ship.
  if this happens try exiting and enter again. or jump in the water then translocate back to the ship and enter again.
  don't know why that works somtimes.

= 			Credits						     	             =
=			-------							             =
= Special Thanks to FragEd for all his help, as well as Testing and Setting up the server    =
=											     =
= Thanks to XEvilWyvernX for his imput and ideas and testing and setting up a server.	     =
= 											     =
= Thanks to Johannes Sievert Maker of the Siege2k3 Mod for letting me use his code for the   =								     =
=  Nuke bomb and its effects.								     =
=      										             =
= and Thanks to Epic for creating a great enviroment to let your creations come to life.     =
=											     =
=											     =

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