UT2004 v3229 Patch [Mac OSX]



Newest patch for Mac. This finally brings it up to par with the windows version.



 Patch to the UT2004 MacOS X retail version. Brings it in line with the PC version.

Onslaught related:
-Added bSmoothKarmaStateUpdates to Actor to control whether Karma interpolates between states

-Added bRepulseWater to KRepulsors and enabled this for Hovercraft

-Added bFlyingKarma to Pawn to indicate PHYS_Karma is active but pawn rotation should still be handled like PHYS_Flying

-SVehicleFactories now store a reference to their marker as MyMarker

-Added bCanHover to Vehicle to indicate a vehicle that can use HoverPathNodes to fly over water.

-Added water damage support to Vehicle so that vehicles will take damage when under water.

-Karma now collides correctly with inverted terrain courtesy James Golding ;-)

-Increased the extra linear dampening for Karma in water from 0.8 to 2.5 and angular dampening from 0.1 to 0.4

-Moved RepulsorsShouldHit function to ONSVehicle where it should be.

-Added support for PowerCores and PowerNodes triggering events when created and destroyed.

-Cleaned up PowerCore energy beam effect when PowerCores are not present in the map. -Added bDriverCannotLeaveVehicle flag in ONSVehicle for vehicles you can't get out of but instead will try to flip you upright when you press USE if the vehicle is flipped.

-Added bNeverActivate to ONSVehicleFactory that can be set by mods that want to use Onslaught maps but not factories.

-Fixed a bug in ONSWeapon that used the primary fire projectile class for alt-fire instead of the alt-fire version.

-Moved daredevil code server-side to avoid horrible cheating and the ability to mod/mutate features based on daredevil tricks.

-Reversable vehicle factories will work correctly when sides are swapped.

-Fixed midgame menu popping up when watching an Onslaught demo if the viewed player dies

-Fixed camera rotation being changed when switching between first and third person view in a manta

-Fixed target/ion painter ammo issues

-Fixed bug in stunt mutator where vehicles would be accelerated in their local downward Z when holding the jump warmup while in air.

-Onslaught turrets cannot damage PowerCores or PowerNodes

-Onslaught vehicles take a very small amount of damage over time when on fire and there is no driver

-Fixed players always spawning at own PowerCore after sides are swapped.

-Fixed problem where bots weren't spawning at the nodes they are defending.

General gameplay:
-More script warning fixes

-Fixed armor loop in GameInfo.ReduceDamage() properly handling armor getting destroyed while absorbing damage

-Invasion monsters never use default character mesh

-Fixed CTFSquadAI.FindHidePathFor()

-Make sure always add armor using Pawn.AddShieldStrength()

-Fixed ShieldAbsorb() armor damage absorption to produce consistent results in all situations

-Fixed spawning of physicsvolume entry and exit actors, as well as splash sounds, and made them client side.

-Added WaterSplash, used for projectiles and pawns

-Added SplashEffect property and CheckForSplash() function to WeaponAttachment, so instant hit weapons can cause splashes

-Added BulletSplash, used for trace weapons

-Landing sounds no longer stomp on splash sounds

-Added WaterRing spawned while pawn is walking in water, or center of pawn enters water (new PawnEntryActor property in PhysicsVolume)

-Fixed pawn visible rotation lagging too far behind actual rotation (because of head/torso twist support)

-Fixed bots going after nearby dropped inventory that they couldn't pick up

-Fixed some dynamic uploads (which could cause occasional hitching during gameplay)

-Fixed getting proper ammo count when picking up dropped weapon and already have ammo but no weapon of that type

-Fixed SquadLeader getting set to none if everyone in squad is in a turret

-HUD weapon bar bShowMissingWeaponInfo now config, so is properly saved

-Fixed CTFSquadAI finding flagholder when holder is in vehicle

-Fixed "Use Map Defaults" for bots can result in uneven teams in some maps

[USE] will only bring up the mid-game menu in ONS games

-Fix for custom models crashing the single player game.

-Fixed TracerProjectile location setting after near miss sound effect

-Fixed BR bomb trail position in multiplayer

-Added Instagib CTF as standalone gametype

-Allow chatting when the game is paused.

-No longer catch own weapon when thrown while running forward

-Fixed weapons checking if they were out of ammo when they weren't the active weapon (which was causing undesired switching to best weapon)

-Server browser filters have been reworked to be easier to use.

-Localized "New News" message

-Added localized IRC channels for French and German.

-Added a flashing messages when there is new community news.

-Movie Panel.

Networking Related:
-Various Web Admin style fixes

-Don't load non-default voicepacks on dedicated server

-Fixed server enforcement of maxresponsetime, and make sure clients don't trip it accidentally

-Fixed speedhack detection false positives

-Increased NetPriority of controlled ONSWeaponPawns

-Fixed client-side game time getting screwed up

-Improved jumping/dodging/etc. not getting lost when there's significant packet loss

-Fixed Cheat protect to view most voicepacks as ok

-Fixed *hopefully* the ServerBrowser locking packages and tripping cheat protection.

-Don't spawn votinghandler and votingreplicationinfos for servers which don't have voting enabled (slight performance improvement for those servers)

-TeamInfo and SquadAI have lower netupdatefrequency (for server performance). Set NetUpdateTime whenever a replicated property is updated to get it replicated immediately.

-Make sure that mutators are properly reported to master server

-Made ServerShortTimeout() replicated function reliable

-MasterServerUplink now caches calls to GetServerInfo and GetServerDetails.

Onslaught server performance improvements:
-Vehicle packed state struct updates don't set bNetDirty

-Don't update vehicle SoundPitch on dedicated servers

-Improved WebProjectile net performance

-Added bIsAwake and bHasBeenAwake flags to ONSVehicle, used for packed state replication

-Fixed replication conditions for a bunch of vehicle/projectile properties, changed from bNetDirty to bNetInitial

-Fixed NetworkStatusMessages once and for all

-Reenabled temp. MD5 database generation for loaded packages on a server

-Fixed "flying player" exploit.

-Fixed keeping high translocator trajectory persistent across online level changes.

-Mod Author Related:

-Fix for the UCL not exporting bug.

-Fix for .INT files in mod hierarchy, Removed Temp MD5 Warning Message.

-Call PostRender2D() on own pawn as well (mod authors can decide not to render custom beacon)

-Added LevelInfo native function GetPhysicsVolume()

-Returns the physics volume at a specified location

-Added actor property bTraceWater. If true, trace() by this actor returns collisions with water volumes

-Added support for strafing while on ladders, if the LadderVolume property

-bAllowLadderStrafing is set true (still false by default)

-Fix for log files and -MOD= switch

-Fix for cache manager exporting ucl files when it shouldn't

-Fixed LoadDecoText

-Use CrouchedPct instead of WalkingPct for crouched pawns

-Vehicle function NumPassengers() now simulated so it can be called on clients

-Made Destroy() function call in ONSVehicle state code indirect (for debugger)

-Fixed localization for mod support

-Now support multiple music directories

-Save Games fixed, with the following limitations:

-Ragdolls aren't serialized

-Animations aren't serialized (but uses simanim to save channel 0)

-Must run UT2004 with -makenames option, or set bSupportSaveGames true in LevelInfo

-Added Actor events PreSaveGame() and PostLoadSavedGame()

-Render hud overlays[] on DM_Low clients also

-3D Buzz Editor Enhancements (Thanks to our friends at www.3dbuzz.com ! Check out their UT2004 mod author video tutorials at http://sv3.3dbuzz.com/vbforum/unr_main.php )

-Maximize Viewports fixed

-Static Mesh Create From Selected added

-Splitter bar between Viewport and props in SM viewer fixed.

-Button to snap view to frame the current mesh added

-Option to auto-snap view on mesh change

-Added realtime preview to the SM browser.

-New Array tool for quickly adding actors.

-Fogging is based on camera position rather than pawn head position (important for third person camera while pawn is submerged)

-Removed D3D9Drv.dll and default.ini from patch

-Fixed bug reporting address for Italian, Spanish, and French localized versions.

-Fixed "Intersect Function" crash from first patch.

-Fixed mousewheel input on Win64.

-Removed some pre-release debugging that was still enabled

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