UT2004 Vehicle Invasion

This is a little mod/mutator to mix Monsters and vehicles. It's the standard Invasion but in Onslaught maps or other maps.



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This is a little mod/mutator to mix Monsters and vehicles. It's the standard Invasion but in Onslaught maps or other maps.

Vehicle Invasion Gametype: Onslaught maps. (any with MapMixer) Vehicle Invasion mutator: Any maps in theory but some maps like AS-Convoy are not recommended .

Goals or GameObjectives are hidden or destroyed in game objective maps and vehicles, turrets powered for all players.

AVRIL and RAPTOR Rockets Lock-On Monsters mutators include.

Now more Assault maps supported including AS-Mothership. JailBreak maps fully supported and satoreMonsterPack v1.03 and higher for the Lock-on monsters.

You can add default Health, shield for players and vehicles.

You can force default UT2004 weapons in maps with different weapons, vehices also.

You can replace the Super Shock rifles or modified shock rifles for the original Shock Rifle.

I suggest to use the MapMixer 2.x Mutator to create and use your maplists.

I am starting to like this Muscat guy, he makes some quality mutators.

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Download 'ut2004vehicleinvasion111.zip' (108KB)

Vehicle Invasion Mod/mutator for UT2004 version 1.11
Author: [email protected]=-
website: http://membres.lycos.fr/unrealmuscat/


You need at least the satoreMonsterPackv103 package to be able to lock on new monsters. (the most recent version today is satoreMonsterPackv110)
Here is the author web site: http://hp.vector.co.jp/authors/VA026071/Downloads.html

Use the last UT2004 patch to be sure all works correctly.

You can use MapMixer 2.x to create and use your maplist (please don't rename maps to Ons maps).
Here is the author web site: http://mapmixer.unrealtournament2004.com.au/
Or in "Web Admin" you can use this method: http://membres.lycos.fr/unrealmuscat/mapvote.htm 

Don't forget you need to add the Raptor Invasion and Avril Invasion mutators to be able to lock on monsters,
It's include in the package but not in the gametype.

The gametype configuration is in the mutator configuration so "gametype" user need to edit the mutator config to change the health, etc.

Remove the old .u version.

Copy all files in your ut2004\system directory

fr: Enlever le .u de la version antérieure. Copiez tous les fichiers dans le repertoire ut2004\system

Configure the Raptor and Avril Invasion mutators by pressing the configure mutators button and choose the monsters you want to be targeted.
By default it's only the Warlord.

Configure the Vehicle Invasion mutator or Vehicle Invasion gametype by pressing the configure mutators button also.
Gametype user note: You don't need to add the Vehicle Invasion mutator in the mutator list to play the Vehicle Invasion gametype
                    but you need to add the mutator to configure it. Remove it from the list after.

Colored stuff
If you don't like the colors added in the menu simply remove or edit the VehicleInvasion-109.ucl
if you want the original colors again you need to install the VehicleInvasion-109.ucl include in the zip or umod package.

server admin:

You need to add this line in your UT2004.ini [Engine.GameEngine] section


Because some map use different gametype content other than the standard gametypes,
you need to add the name of the .u package of each custom gametype the map is dependant also.
For example JB maps need the Jailbreak .u packages, FHI maps need all FHI .u packages, etc.
example:   ServerPackages=Jailbreak  for the Jailbreak.u

Mutator Admin users (or gametype users with no ut4mod version).
if you just want to test the mutator and don't want to lose your time with the config
try to start with this config (for 3 players with vehicles).
Adding skills to the monsters is important also if you don't want to search the monsters
in the map.

you can change these values in the Invasion gamerules also.

fr: ajouter/remplacer les lignes suivantes dans votre UT2004.ini si vous utilisez le mutator

Add / replace these lines in you UT2004.ini


if you want to be able to use multiple map types in WebAdmin for mapvote.
you need to create one maplist for each map type and add each maplist in the Game Configuration maplist menu in the ServerRules Host tab.

more info here:

If you don't want to change maplists in webAdmin I suggest to use MapMixer 2.x

Thank you
Thanks to Wes for running and testing the mutator since the first beta versions (before the release of UT2004 :)
Thanks to Wes and all the Vehicle Invasion Fans in the MyUnreal BBS for your ideas and feedbacks.
thank you ->you for using the original version of vehicle invasion.

Other Mutators used with this one
Bersek or Bersek fixer.
Heavy Vehicles.
Satore Monster Pack v1.07 for UT2004.
Wheeled Vehicle Stunts.
MapMixer 2.x.
Excessive 3.0.
Chaos UT mutators.
ZenCoder's Weapons 2.0
TLMutator 3.0

version 1.11
fixed: 'Force Default Weapons' exchange weapons and ammo in standard map
Remove instagib weapons option added.
hidden option 'Force Default Weapons ultra' for map with standard prefix but custom weapons added (VehicleInvasion.ini) 

version 1.10
Now really all Auto Assault turrets are removed in Assault maps.
Now really All PowerCores / shields are removed in Ons maps including Ons-Crossfire.
Now really All BR xEmitters removed in BR maps. online.
Filter in Weapon selection for the AVRiL Invasion mutator. (Official Weapons first and (mod) added after custom weapon name)
Force default weapon completly recoded (sorry for the experimental ugly bugged version  )
Better ASsault maps support.
Force Default Vehicles option added to try to force default vehicles in map with modified vehicles using the original UT meshes.
support for mixed Raptor Invasion and Force Default Weapon option.
config in a VehicleInvasion.ini 
some other minor fix.  

version 1.09
Avril and Raptor Invasion mutator detect the satore MonsterPack version (beta release not supported, please update it).
You can play in JailBreak maps now.
More Assault maps supported including AS-MotherShip.
Monsters have 50% chance to be spawned at monsters spawn points in FHI maps.
Flag base removed in CTF maps.
Goal Emitters removed in BR maps (Online like offline).
Added: Remove/Hide stuff in maps option.
Added: Use Vehicle Invasion Maplist option.
Section added in WebAdmin for mutator configurations.
some other minor fix to reduce the log spam.

version 1.08b
fixed Shield / Health exploit with the speed combo.

version 1.08
final touch with some fix for the Shield / Health config.

version 1.07
Fixed: 'Force Default Weapons' is fonctional now (please don't try to replace weapons with this option checked)
	for example: Force default Weapons is useful to play in FHInv maps with default UT2004 Weapons and vehicles setting.  
Fixed:  AVRIL Invasion Ammo replacement  (little error in the code)

version 1.06
AVRIL and Raptor can lock on satoreMonsterPack2004_v1b monsters and AlienInv monsters
You can add / increase  players health and the vehicles health.
You can increase the shield max strength and add stronger shields with the WeakShields mutator (Health/Shield Ajdust)

version 1.05a
fixed: some spam in the log

version 1.05
 Avril Invasion (lock on Monsters) mutator.
 Raptor Invasion (lock on focused Monsters) mutator.
 Vehicle Invasion mutator. 
 Vehicle Invasion mod.
 You have the choice now.
 The mutator convert different maps type to Invasion.

version 1.04
integrated Avril lock on Monsters mutator (config include to choose the monster type)
lock on Monsters added for the Raptor also (test phase)
some AS maps can be played with the mutator now (you need to forget the spaceship map)

version 1.03
now the turrets are powered like the first release.
Some errors spam in the log removed. (can't remove all)
I added the map converter code in the mutator so
now all map types (except CTF and AS) are converted to DM or inv maps by removing stuff.

version 1.02
user friendly version. You can choose any gametype in the menu and the mutator
convert the gametype to Invasion.

version 1.01
The mod is now based on a mutator so the experimented admin
 can setup a standard invasion server with vehicles. (using standard Invasion waves and maplist)
fixed stuff: mysterious locked vehicles in ONS-Crossfire are now unlocked

Amusez-vous bien!

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