UT2004 Windows XP Bonus Maps



Why this bonus pack hasn't already been uploaded here, I don't know. (I certainly couldn't find it when I did a sweep at any rate.)

I'm also unsure as to why it got the name "Windows XP Bonus Packs".

What I am sure of, is that these are naturally two excellent Onslaught maps. Ascendancy and Aridoom.

ONS-Ascendancy (Screenshots 1-4) This one, I liked. It has that... feel to it.

The basic outline is rocky terrain, adorned with fascinating crystal structures and small outposts ready for occupying. There's also a small base built in to the hillside, which for some odd reason has a Raptor spawn point in it. Each team also starts with an established base, with a good compliment of vehicles.

This is a map built for two large teams, no question about it. The terrain layout, the established bases and outposts, and the vehicles on offer - every specialist plays their role on this one. It's warfare, and it's not in a very friendly mood. I found over 40 different tactical approaches to taking out the enemy side within my first ten minutes of playtesting.

This map will lead to some fun battles, this I can guarantee. No two games on ONS-Ascendancy will ever be the same.

ONS-Aridoom (Screenshots 5-8) This one is nowhere near as big as Ascendancy. In fact, it only has three powernodes. Still doesn't make the map any less playable, though, it's just on a smaller scale.

The general summary of Aridoom is two small forts in a desert canyon, with some open ground leading between the two, as well as the remnants of a major roadway.

It's a small map, but there's certainly a good amount of cover to use. I wouldn't really recommend playing this with more than 5 players per team, it gets cramped at that point.

I can't really say much about this one, it's pretty standard-issue. Good, but standard-issue nevertheless.

Overall, this is a twin-pack that needs to be in the arsenal of any ONS player, for quality and playability if nothing else.

~ Kouen


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