This is the best Unreal 2004 utilitie i have ever seen. This program does so many things I can't list all of them here. These are a few examples of what this program can do. The most useful things is the built in cache manager. It takes files in your UT2004 cache folder and puts them into the proper folders so you can use them offline. The other great feature is the file compresser/decompressor. If you are a server admin this is a must have just for this feature. It allowes you to compress your maps, skins, etc. without having to do it through the dos prompt. It also allows you to decompress .uz2 files without using dos. And for all of you hardcore clans out there, it has a demo manager built in. So when you are reviewing the demo of your last clan match you can do it with ease.



version 2.05
* Minor bugfixes and optimizations
* Changed "Reinstall files" in the system menu to just flag the files as installed. Also added that option to the pop-up menu.
* A version in French are now available at www.akado.org

Version 2.03
* Some files was given shortnames when they were decompressed from uz2.
* Some typos ( Thanks for the lesson who ever it was. I have forgot your name :) )
* Better control when archives includes more than one level of directories.

* First time UT2004Mi is launched, it reads the registry to find where UT2004 is installed and add the path to the config.
* Added option "Uninstall and Delete" in the pop-up menu. This option both uninstall and delete the selected files.
* UT2004Mi can now find and launch demos stored in subdirectories to the Custom Demos Directory.
  You can also choose to only show demos from a specified folder(s). (By request from Slasher)
* Hellp-file updated.

Version: 2.02
*You can use UT2004Mi without having the retailversion of UT2004 installed. By request from  people running dedicated servers.
*Fixed so Compress / Decompress .uz2-files works even when there's a space in the path / filename.
*Better errorhandling when files not supported by UT2004Mi is in one of the configured directories. This is what gives some people I/O Error 103. A log-file will be written with the name of the unsupported files so user can delete or move them.

*Multiple install from Cache
*Added option "Delete file after installation" for Mutators and Skin.
*Added the possibilty list all custom maps/mutators/skins. The list is saved as a text-file. 3 different lists.
*Added option "Reinstall files". Useful when your custom maps are already installed but want you them in UT2004Mi's database.

Version: 2.01

*Check if archives is valid before trying to read them.
*I/O Error 103 when no directories selected in config.
*When pressing the cancel-button in the save-dialog when saving  cache-files to zip, the files won' t get deleted from cache.
*Installs Karma files (.ka).

*Remember last used "Save to" - directory for cache
*Remember last used directory for .uz files
*Drag&drop files to the list when compres/decompress uz2-files.

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