UT2K4 Diamax Sniper Weapons



This is a collection of five weapon mods for UT2K4, based on the original versions. This was started with the intention of learning how to code, but ended up being worked on for release. These are Marius Duras Diamax's first mods.



UT2K4 Diamax Sniper Weapons

// Name		:	UT2K4 Diamax Sniper Weapons
// Author	:	C. Marius 'Duras Diamax'
// E-mail	:	[email protected]
// Date		:	16-19 March 2004
// Copyright	:	© Copyright 2004 by C. Marius Duras Diamax. All rights reserved.
// Requires	:	Unreal Tournament 2004 (recomended with all the official patches installed).
// ModeType	:	Mutators/Modifications (Add-Ons)
// Description	:	This is a collection of five weapon mods that I made for UT2K4, based
// Description	:	on the original versions. I started this with the intention of learning
// Description	:	how to code, but I ended up working to release them.
// Description	:	So these are my first mods, practically.

Download Diamax Sniper Weapons


This weapon pack contains a total of five weapon mods , and they are as follows:

1. Automatic Lightning Gun
2. Automatic Lightning Gun I-b
3. Diamax HSG
4. Diamax HSG I-b
5. DiamaxSR Sniper Rifle (The new UT2K4 Sniper Rifle, but with fully automatic fire, and no muzzle smoke.)

General Installation Notes

Extract all files (.u and .int) into your "UT2004\System" folder.

Server Installation Notes

1. Read and follow the instructions in General instalation Notes, above.

2. In order to run a server with those mutators/mods, you need to edit your
   UT2004.ini file (you could open it with Notepad).

3. Look for the section called [Engine.GameEngine], under that section, at the end of all
   the lines (under the last line) that start with "ServerPackages", add the following lines:


You can copy and paste those lines to make sure there is no typo.

Things To Fix

1. Fix not dropping any of the weapons upon player death.

2. Add sound for when the bullet hits the ground surface (bounces off) for the HSG weapons.

3. Check/Fix DiamaxSR rifle's muzzle flash so it attaches properly at the end of the muzzle
   (1st and 3rd person view), like it does for the Assault Rifle, Link Gun, and others.

4. Check centering of the HSG I-b weapon with the target dot. It might need improvement.

You may freely (at no charge) distribute this sniper pack by all means, as long as you keep the entire archive file
intact when doing so.

Thank you for downloading my mods, I hope you enjoy them.
Questions, suggestions, bug reports, and feedback... please email me at: [email protected]

My thanks to the developers of Unreal Tournament series, and the entire community.


C. Marius Duras Diamax

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