Fixes and Changes in 4.9

Map Prefix bug in some games Due to a timing problem some servers would show the incorrect maps after voting...


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Fixes and Changes in 4.9

Map Prefix bug in some games Due to a timing problem some servers would show the incorrect maps after voting for a new Gametype. This has now been fixed.

TeamDeathmatch Admin switching If an Admin switched to a TeamGame, the DefaultMap would get distorted. This has now been fixed.

Assault game not ending As voting is disabled in an Assault game, it often took up to 10 minutes for a level to changeover. This has now been fixed.

ClanAdmin kick options ClanAdmin now have the same kicking powers that the VoteAdmin or ServerAdmin have. This has now been fixed.

UT2VoteXMulti This has replaced the UT2VoteMulti so as to have it Whitelisted.

Votable Mutators in Duelgame Mutators and Arenas can now be voted for in DuelGame40.

Browser button addition A Browser button has been added to the MapMenu for quick browser access.

Spectators in Assault Specators will now also be visible in an Assault game.

UTExtra button addition A UTExtra button has been added to the ClientMenu if UTExtra is running.

Added AltMapPrefix The current OtherDMPrefix= in the IniOnly section has been dumped and replaced with a AltMapPrefix= in every GameType string. This gives the Admin the option of having a different type of game map in each game. NB.. Making Custom games for UT2Vote49+ will now need GameMake3 version 3.4

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Download 'ut2vote49.zip' (387KB)



NB. Dont forget...



The following files need to go in the UT2004 System folder:






UT2Vote49 needs to be added as the only Mutator in your Server startup commandline as UT2Vote handles all the mutators once it is loaded, so its best to not have any commands in start up except multihome if needed or specifying ini= or as some server companys insist maxplayers= as UT2Vote takles over the command /options functions:

Single Server
ucc server CTF-Maul?Game=xGame.xCTFGame?Mutator=UT2Vote49.UT2VoteX etc..

Multi Servers
ucc server CTF-Maul?Game=xGame.xCTFGame?Mutator=UT2Vote49.UT2VoteXMulti etc..

The Multiserver system will create new configs in the Server.ini file or the configs can be copied and pasted from the UT2VoteXMulti.txt file.


You also need to add UT2Vote49 as a Serverpackage in the servers UT2004.ini file although UT2Vote49 will add itself now if it cannot find itself in the Serverpackages.





Brief Setup



UT2Vote requires this information to be entered at the following places:



Mutators that will be common to ALL games must go in here.

For example:

Note: A Mutators ClassName can be found in the .ucl file supplied with the mutator.



Any commandline commands that you need for all games should go here, for example:


Any commands entered here will take priority and over ride the GameType Commands=.



This is the Main Admin password and will give this Admin full rights to accessing anything in UT2Vote.



This password is for Clan Leaders who can setup the server for a dedicated ClanMatch.

This Admin will not have access to the general Admin settings of the server.



If the Games on your server requires ALL players to logon with a Game Password,

that password should be entered here.



Whatever you choose to be your Server DefaultGame needs to be entered here.

If you leave it blank, UT2Vote will enter the game from which your Server first starts up in.

Example: DefaultGame=XGame.xDeathMatch

When players have all left your server and it is not in a default state,

UT2Vote will switch your server to this Default Game State.



Enter the name of your server here. Although UT2Vote can change this ingame,

should there be an error, it will default back to this name.


You are now ready to startup your Server.


Once your server is running, join the Game and login as Admin:


Mutate UT2VoteLogin   (the VoteAdminPass)

Press the Map Menu Hotkey (normally set on the ScrolLock and/or Home Key) and once

the menu is up, click on the Admin button and you will start seeing the world at your fingertips.

NB.. All Admin changes will need a level restart.

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