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This is a fun map set in a country town. It is especially fun for those who like to play with trains by trying to race them or beat them th...


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This is a fun map set in a country town. It is especially fun for those who like to play with trains by trying to race them or beat them through a crossing :D.

This rally track is long and comprises of a road course that crosses over a number of railroad tracks that feature moving trains on them. These trains introduce an unique challenge and factor into the game as the trains can quickly change the status of the race and make for some exciting moments that you may chat about for days ("Man, I can remember when I barely zoomed around that train that day. The thing almost hit me, but I got through.") Some of these crossings are right next to tunnels, giving no warning as to when a train will be crossing and making for a daring game of chance. The road course itself is long, so getting stuck behind a train may not cost you the race.

Overall, the map is nice, and there are no glitches until you try to race along the train track themselves. Then you will find that the tunnels have no floors in them :D. You will also find some ramps across the track, making for some "Dukes of Hazzard" style stunts if you happen to get to the crossings at the right time. The only downside is that the train crossing feature is the only stand-out feature of the map, and it may get old for some, but in the excitement of racing I seriously doubt that this will happen and thus the train crossing create enough fun to possibly make this map an UnWheel server favorite.

As you may notice, I acquired this map because of the train PoTD and, as I said, I did play around with the trains :D.

Overall, it is a fun map and I recommend it for download. As the title says, it is in the beta stages of development, and I look forward to the next few betas or the finished product.

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Download 'uwrltrainracebeta.zip' (18.65MB)

Readme file for Level Creation - UWRL-TrainRaceBeta.ut2
	Created by Steven Horton (Stevenfhorton@MCHSI.com)
	Build Time: A few hundred hours
        Recommended Number of Players:2 to 9

Level name: UWRL-TrainRaceBeta.ut2
All level construction was done in UT2004 editor and Maya PLE, textures were created in Corel PhotoPaint.

Version number: Beta,  
Completion Date: 06/02/05

Game Type: UnWheel Rally

The majority of  textures and Static meshes are custom.
  Most textures were altered from photos, all meshes were created in Maya PLE
  All textures and meshes are my own work, and may only be used in maps with permission.

 Known Bugs:  none

Copyright 2005, Steven Horton. All rights reserved. You cannot use this map to add onto it and create your "own" map out of it without permission. You can find details on contacting me on the top of this readme..
UNREAL TOURNAMENT 2004 (c) 2004 Epic Games, Inc. All Rights Reserved. Distributed by Infogrames, Inc.
under license. UNREAL and the UNREAL logo are registered trademarks of Epic Games, Inc. All other trademarks
and trade names are properties of their respective owners.

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