Excellent Mappage... very UT 99-ish. With the additions of an upgraded engine of course:)


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Excellent Mappage... very UT 99-ish. With the additions of an upgraded engine of course:)

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Title                   : Aggressive Alleys VTCF
Version                 : 1.0
Release Date            : August 2004
Filename                : AggressiveAlleys2004.ut2
Author(s)               : Dale "Hobi-Wan" Hobill
Email Address           :
Web Page                : none
Description             : Medium Sized City Map

Hobi-Wan:   		VCTF Maps by Hobi-Wan
			Bad Place
			Sand Blasted
			Misty Glen

--- Play Information ---
Game                    : Ut2004
Level Name              : VCTF-AggressiveAlleys2004
Single Player           : Botmatch
Cooperative             : Yes
BR Mode                : 10 - 18 players suggested
Dark Match              : No
Difficulty Settings     : Nil
New Sounds              : Nil
New Graphics            : Nil
NewUnrealScript         : Nil
External DLLs           : Nil
Known bugs              : Nil

--- Construction ---
Editor(s) used          : UnrealED 3.0
Base                    : None(Idea from my UT99 CTF map AggressiveAlley
Construction Time       : 80 hours

Unzip the .unr file into your Unreal Tournament/maps/ directory.


The tournament owners have purchased a run down section of the city and sectioned off a few alleys and buildings.  
Teams now must take to the streets and dark alleys to battle for the flags.  Mutiple routes to and from the flags 
exist. Flag runners can use vehicles to storm down the main alley or can use side streets and roof tops to make their plays forthe flag.

Author's Notes

Special thanks to Toonces for letting me use some of his textures and meshes from CarParkRoadRage][.  
Thanks to Coke-Man and to TherMight for play testing and advice on level design.

This map is based on my UT99 Map called AggressiveAlley.

Had trouble with the BOT AI and Vehicles for this game type.  BOTs do not use Vehicles as good as I would like.
I think its a limitation in the VCTF game type.(Or just that I am too stupid to figure it out)

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