An odd level with some trippy warps! Check it out....(>^_^)>


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An odd level with some trippy warps! Check it out....(>^_^)>

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This is a vehicle CTF map called VCTF-BIGBASH2.This is the updated version of BashWarpus which I did a couple of months ago. Much better now.

Fixed: The jittery bots which were cause by me accidently setting the ground friction in the default physics volume to 50! By default that should be at 8 so hence the bots were sticking to the floor a bit!

I also added wider passages and made extra doorways plus fixed all pathing errors and any other errors that were picked up in the build.

Made several other cool changes like the teleport doorways are now colorful proc mesh and added a couple more jump pads to launch you up to the top of the waterfalls where you can get the redeemers ect. The 2 warp holes are still in this map as you will see but I revised the jump pads that launch you up to the warp holes. Water is a bit differnt now too.

Play this in Instant action or online and the bots will rip you up! I tested it online and its all good!  

This will work with all versions but I would recommend that you get the latest patch 3236.  

Have fun and if you want to use this map to make your own then "CONTACT ME" first and we can disscuss the changes!

Thanks Circus BT..


Map goes in the Maps folder.

Contact info:  or

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