VCTF-Carbon Cove

A map with two very big lakes. (>^_^)>


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A map with two very big lakes. (>^_^)>

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This is a vehicle CTF map called CARBONCove.

A medium sized terrain map with 2 large ponds and huge rock walls with lava boulders on top. It has all the stuff including jump pads,teleports and a very long catwalk from one side of the map to the other.Excellent roads for driving and 12 total vehicles including raptors!Also you can walk up above the rock walls by the lava boulders ect.

Bots will tear you up in this map so I suggest you set them to novice. 

This map has all weapons including a couple redeemers and 1 ONS target painter. I included as much stuff as I could but not too much so frame rates should be OK on an average system!

This should work with all versions but I would recommend that you get the latest patch 3236 and also CPB 1 and 2 just so you up to date. 

Have fun and if you want to use this map to make your own then "CONTACT ME" first and we can disscuss the changes!

Thanks Circus BT..


Map goes in the Maps folder.

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