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The map is a medium-sized ground map set in a mega-city style building site, surrounded by a forest of skyscrapers & a polluted, rust-orange...


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The map is a medium-sized ground map set in a mega-city style building site, surrounded by a forest of skyscrapers & a polluted, rust-orange sky. It's designed mainly for server regulars, people who regularly play each other and appreciate a bit of teamwork, but it's also perfectly suitable for pub-play too.

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version; Final

12/08/06 Jamie Cullen

Ayup everyone, excuse the sloppy form of this readme but it's not like I expect anyone to read it.. ;)

* There are several use-triggered objectives (bonuses might be a better word) in the map which will give you and your team a bonus, the one in the middle delivers to your team the Aegis, a modded Paladin, some might lift you to a particularly devious route, and some might create an easy oppertunity for a quick flag-grab.

Please note: In order to make use of the vehicle-lifting cranes, the vehicle *must* be occupied at the time, leet hacksaws may quickly realise that teamwork will have to be employed at some stage.

* Bot-pathing is present but *relatively* basic, it is not my strongest point I freely admit, but they will come for your flag & will give you a good game to get familiar with the map. If they're on Godlike.. ;)

* Please feel free to bombard me with feedback, what you think is col and what it crap, you can find me pretty easy on the Epic UT2k3/4 forums, Unreal Playground, and the Titan32 forums, all under the name BigJim, or you can email me at, but I rarely check that. :p

* Thanks in no small part go to Donator, for the brushes I used for the grabber buckets, that first showed up in his DM-OSR-Rockmill map, for his Lynx Vehicle, from vctf-UP-Archangel, and for a souissant of the overall style I borrowed from Archangel.

* So too thanks to Gorzakk from Titan, who did the code-work for the Aegis vehicle, originally for his version of ONS-Minus, availible from the Titan boards.

* Thanks also to Hourences for his IndustryX texture pack some textures of which I've used as-is, and some I've modified alongside my own textures in Photshop. Cheers!

* Another thankyou goes to 3DTexturiser of UP fame for the skybox, part of his SkyBox Bonus Pack availible from UnrealPlayground, and thank you too, to Bersy from INA for the lovely Blasting Ahead sign, an image I fear I had to mangle slightly in order to .DDS-isfy it, but take my word for it the original vector art is stunning.

* Music Credits:
Man Kind
by Chris 'Suckpump' McBane

Massive thanks to Chris for the track used here, he managed to pull it from nowhere in a space of less'n 2 days. At current it's as much a beta as the map itself, but considering he had little to no reference material at all, only a few badly-formed ideas & scattered wishes from me it's a bloody marvellous achievement.

Thanks to everyone who helped, whether they realise it or not, and thanks a bunch for taking a look at the map, HF all, GGs, and I hope you enjoy it. :)


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