ONS to VCTF conversion. Very nice map:)


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ONS to VCTF conversion. Very nice map:)

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*Title                   :VCTF-WGS-Hollon2
*Release Date            :Feb 13,2005
*Author(s)               :ADES=Original ONS  --- CVROY=VCTF conversion

Redone with permission and please visit the WicKed Game Server site and get fragging!!!

---- Play Information ----

Bots play this level very nice... way better than a lot of maps. Get ready, cuz it's not going to be easy:)

Space fighters are in here with a crap-load of health so you can get your frag on with them.
To exit the space fighers you can fly into a vehicle teleporter (the large swirly ones) Except the teleporters on top of the moutain where the flight decks are do not work for getting you out of the fighter. The ones at the flag bases and inside the mountain function properly.

Thanks for DL'ing the mappage:)


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