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Vehicle DM Package V1.0 by Ash - Name:Vehicle DM Package - Version: 1.0 - Date:23 06 2004 - Author: Ash (A.N.) - Brief Description: Package for Vehicle DM mappers

- Included Files: Vehicle_DM_Package_CubeMap.ut2 readme.txt (this file)

-Full Description This embedded package for Vehicle DM mappers has two functions:

1) It changes the AI for 'Normal' (not Team) DM to a modified one, so bots will use vehicles, just as in Team DM.

It detects if you are actually playing a 'Normal' DM game, and not other gametypes that are played on DM maps (Team DM, Invasion etc.), and it changes the AI *only* in that case. So there cannot be any problems with other gametypes, because it doesn't change the AI if you are not playing 'Normal' Death Match.

2) It enables vehicles in the map (both ASVehicleFactories and ONSVehicleFactories).

See below for instructions on how to put this in your Vehicle DM maps...

* IMPORTANT NOTE! READ CAREFULLY * This was tested with 3236 UT2004 patch. I cannot be held responsible in case a future Epic patch should make some changes to UT2004 code that could interfere with this code! I think I should warn you about this... looking at the code one could say that this is rather unlikely, but I cannot guarantee that it will be compatible with all future patches!

Anyway, I put a line of code that tests if bAllowVehicles is True by default in DM. Up to now, (3236 patch) it is not. (it is true only for ONS, AS and VCTF). But, should they enable vehicles in DM in the future, they'll put that to true, and they should change the AI too. In this case, my package will recognize that bAllowVehicles is True by default, and it won't change the AI with mine...

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