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The Vehicle Detonators mutator adds a detonator to all vehicles. This adds a whole other level of fun to Onslaught games (or a...


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The Vehicle Detonators mutator adds a detonator to all vehicles. This adds a whole other level of fun to Onslaught games (or any other game type that includes vehicles)!

How many times have you had a Leviathan, or some other devestating war wagon that you were afraid to leave behind? How many times have you needed to switch to something more agile like a Raptor or Manta but couldn't trust your teammates to take over your vehicle when you got out? Now you can arm its detonator and enjoy the satisfaction of knowing a new one will be spawning back on it's platform in a few minutes, and that your opponents will not be able to carjack it and turn it against you!

You can also use vehicles in new and exciting strategies: leave a Goliath parked on a power node, arm its detonator and let its explosive strength tear the node apart! Or drive a Hellbender straight at an enemy base, arm its detonator and drive out, letting the vehicle's momentuum carry its devestating ticking payload into an enemy stronghold!

I saw this and said to myself. OMFG I ND THAT!!! I will show those bots a thing or two about stealing my damn car. IT ONLY WORKS FOR ONSLAUGHT GAME TPYES AT THE MOMENT.

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Author: Andrew 'YusakuGodai' Patterson
Date : 13-July-2004
Title : MutVehicleDetonators (Vehicle Detonators Mutator)
Ver. : 1.1
Email : [email protected]
Home :
Time : Two months (give or take)
Info : My first mutator. Adds a vehicle detonator to all vehicles in Onslaught
games only (at the moment).

Adds four key bindings:

'Timed Detonator' arms and disarms the timed detonator for the vehicle in
which you're in (obviously does nothing if you're not in a vehicle).
Note that depending on mutator configuration options, you may not be
allowed to disarm the detonator -- so make sure you know if you can
before you arm!

'Dead Man's Switch' is just like a real-life one: pressing it arms the
detonator and releasing it detonates the vehicle. Note that just like
the real deal, if the arming player dies...boom! And don't try to get
cute and get out of the vehicle, that'll set it off too :)

'Remote Detonator' toggles the remote detonator on board when you are
inside a vehicle. You may have anywhere between 0-5 remote detonators
armed at one time (depends on configuration settings; zero means
they're disabled). If you hit the key when you are NOT in a vehicle,
any vehicles you have rigged with a remote detonator will explode. Note
that any armed remote detonators you have set will automatically disarm
harmlessly when you die.

'Booby Trap Detonator' arms the booby trap on the vehicle. The next
person who gets into that vehicle will trigger the detonator! Note that
setting the booby trap forcefully ejects everyone from the vehicle so
make sure you're not, say, in a raptor at a fatal altitude :)

To install: make sure the following files are in the System\ folder of
your UT2004 installation:

+ MutVehicleDetonators.u
+ MutVehicleDetonators.ucl

Thanks: Many thanks to some of the good, people on the Atari UnrealScript forums

In particular, thanks to:

MayContainNuts -- for offering me so much advice and suggestins to many
possibilities to try that he's practically a
co-author :)
mrslatezb -- for pointing me to the final solution for my
Interactionwoes (which was the TeamRadar source,
thanks to them too!)
Mysterial -- for explaining about Role vs RemoteRole; and for
giving mewhat turned out to be the critical piece of
the puzzle giving me so much grief: Mutate()!
godsbane -- for inadvertently giving me some important
information about explosions (while helping someone
else out :)
Hsoolien -- for thowing out the MapVoter suggestion
Heywood -- for offering some possible approaches using
GuruKnight -- for solving my messaging problems and pointing me at


Copyright Andrew Patterson June 2004.

Feel free to use the code & mutator however you like; just mention my name
in the credits somewhere. If you do, drop me a line -- I'd love to see how
you use it!


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