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# VINV-ArcticStronghold - Eric'Swartz' Evans # VINV-AthwaryCask - Richard "GroundZero" Edwards # VINV-BoilingParadise - "Pointles...


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# VINV-ArcticStronghold - Eric'Swartz' Evans # VINV-AthwaryCask - Richard "GroundZero" Edwards # VINV-BoilingParadise - "PointlesS" # VINV-ChainsIsile - Kurt'commander_keen'Loeffler # VINV-Cylon - Darkmatter # VINV-DeepJungle - Shane Transue # VINV-Dinora - Sjoerd "Hourences" De Jong # VINV-FrostBite - Ben Beckwith # VINV-Icybo2 - "ADES" # VINV-JungleHill - Jakub Splichal "UnReally" # VINV-Mirage - Jacob 'Reeps' Speer # VINV-Primeval - Alan Willard # VINV-Torlan - Sjoerd "Hourences" De Jong/Streamline Studios # VINV-Tropica - Ed Duke-Cox # VINV-Valarna - Frank'Noz'Bakker

After playing Vehicle Invasion for a fair while I realised that ONS (or any team based map) maps do not really suit Invasion gameplay. All action revolved around small areas leaving the majority of the map barren of action. I tinkered with one ONS map in the editor by spreading all spawn points and adding extra ones and played it, what a difference!! Monsters from all angles and directions. So this map pack is a result. All maps are prefixed with 'VINV' istead of 'ONS' to seperate them from their parent maps (Vehicle Invasion supports all prefixes).

I take no credit whatsoever for the maps as they stay the same in all aspects apart from minor placements of spawn points and extra weapons and ammo to suit.

Originally released ONS maps adapted for use in Vehicle Invasion to enhance gameplay.

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