Wehtam Invasion III

An Invasion like gametype with all sorts of colorful creatures.


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An Invasion like gametype with all sorts of colorful creatures.

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Download 'wehtaminv3.zip' (3.31MB)


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About Wehtam Invasion 3:

Wehtam Invasion 3 (WINV3) is the third edition of the popular Wehtam Invasion gametype, WINV is an Invasion based game which sees you and your team fighting against a large array of colourful and bizarre monsters.  The WINV3 Game also comes with a new weapon, the Magic Wand 3.  The Magic Wand 3 is a modified "instagib" (super shock) rifle, with a projectile alt-fire.  It is the recommended weapon for use against the powerful WINV monsters.  The Magic Wand 3 can be included in your game via the use of the Magic Wand 3 mutator, this should appear in your mutators list after successfully installing the game.  The Magic Wand 3 Mutator also offers team boosting and translocator support. 


Place the Wehtam Invasion 3 files in their corresponding UT2004 folders on your computer e.g:

Copy the sound file “WehtamInv3.uax” into your UT2004/Sounds folder.

What is new in WINV3 ?

* 6 new creatures with new and bizarre abilities
* New Magic Wand weapon/mutator, with “unstoppable” alternate fire projectiles
* New wave structure 
* Fixed the “spontaneous death” glitch, which would rarely occur in WINV2

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