Wolf Pack



Syzygy Character Skin Pack, "Wolf pack", for Unreal Tournament 2004



Syzygy Character Skin Pack, "Wolf pack", for Unreal Tournament 2004

Release Date: 14-04-05

Artist: Tony 'Wolf~72' Guest

Email: [email protected]

Version: 1.0

Number of Body Skins: 9 (includeing team skins)

Total Number of Faces: 9

Editor(s) Used: Paint Shop Pro8 , Upaint, UnrealEd 3.0

Build Time: About a month...no no not solid work, off and on for that long, one has other things to do


Installing this one is all to easy

extract to your base UT04 if you are useing folder names for extraction
the indivdual files go in these directorys 



thats it your ready to play

If you're running a server or you want other to auto download your skin when you host at lans 
you'll need to add a line to the ServerPackages section of your UT2004.ini file. Enter it just as it appears below.
at the bottom of all the other serverpackages will do just fine.


this skin started off because i wanted a personal skin for a local tournament 
and i was getting realy tired of running around with a realy bright yellow paint job but i realy like the Syzygy model.
The brightness of my paint vs the darkness of the newer and superior models was makeing me play at a disadvantage.
so the Wolf-bot was born and i am happy with how it turned out.
i wanted to realease it, but couldnt bring my self to with just one kinda boring cammo skin.
So i created Wolf's team mates Emulsifier and Sin
i am also sick of the normal red vs blue that every game throws at us , so i mixed it up a bit 
each skin still has red and blue skins , they are just a little more creative that you will normaly find
i hope you all enjoy my skin (either useing or blasting it, dosent bother me)
feel free to email me your thoughts on my skins

You may freely distribute these files in a completely unmodified form. Do
not charge any money for this software without consulting me first.
allways distribute these files with this readme included. Any 
magazine or other publisher choosing to distribute this in a freebie CD,
please consult me first. I can be contacted at [email protected]

all skins are based from the Syzygy skin from UT03 and UT04

A massive THANK YOU !! to all the following people who helped me complete this project
-	The wonderful people at Digital Extremes and Epic who created a 'Unreal' line of games that we love
-	to IllAngel who allways inspries me and keeps my brain a ticking 
-	to Chiq @ http://www.chiq.net for her tutorial on Shaders
-	to my testers Tempest, Montenague and Wolf_285

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