Zound will say triggered words from the players chat line. Zound is now a fully standalone mod and no longer requires a special version for...


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Zound will say triggered words from the players chat line. Zound is now a fully standalone mod and no longer requires a special version for each server.

Update in Version 5.1:

|- Fixed Random sounds not working which needed an extra character at @ random |- Fixed 49 character chat limit |- Fixed where the Hidden=True did not hide the triggername |- Added RepeatDelay where sounds cannot be repeated for x seconds |- Replaced hello and byebye Triggernames with PlayerEnter and PlayerExit (hello and byebye Triggernames can still be used as secondary names)

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Download 'zound_v51.zip' (784KB)


      Zound for UT2004 - Release Version 5.1
      (c) Copyright ProAsm   - proasm AT stormnet DOT co DOT za
      Idea and Credits to FU - mail AT newbieserver DOT de
      Tutorial by Crafty     - craftybarnardo AT halflifemapping DOT com
      Beta testing by the UT2Vote Team.


      Update in Version 5.0

      Supplied ZoundConvert.exe to convert older version ini files to 5.0

      Zound now uses a different ini file structure and can have up to
      30000 odd sounds with as many filenames as the Admin pleases.
      Triggernames are now seperate to Soundnames thus enabling the Admin
      to change Soundnames at will.

      Fixed bug when player sends a blank message.
      Removed bSetupDone as it was miss-placed.
      Add 3 additional triggers (2 variable)

      NewGameSound=0  (newgame)
      Can be from 0 to 600 (seconds) and is timed from the game starting.
      The sound name here needs to be newgame

      EndGameSound=0  (endgame)
      Can be from 0 to 180 (seconds) and is timed from the game ending.
      The sound name here needs to be endgame

      The other sound name is:

      If TimeLimit is greater than 1 then if the sound is available it will
      be triggered in the middle of the game.

      Added AdminOnly=
      If this is set to true then the Trigger word is only available to the Admin.

      Should a Player not wish to hear the sounds at all he can now disable them
      in his User.ini file

      Admin Mutate Commands

      Mutate Zound Dedicated
      The ServerAdmin can toggle the Dedicated this way.

      Mutate Zound ShowTrigger
      The ServerAdmin can toggle the ShowTrigger this way.


      - How it works -

      Zound comes with a built in time check now and just by pressing the T for
      message and typing:


      Zound will now say the time in am and pm format.


      - Setting it all up -

      Zound is a Mutator so it will need to be added to your server commandline:

      Zound also needs to be added to your UT2004.ini file Serverpackages



      - Setting up the ini file -

      Zound comes with an ini file which can hold up to 250 custom words defined
      by the User.
      There are also other options which will now be discussed here.




      Here you enter the sound names you recorded or added in your .UAX file.
      These are the triggers which Zound will look for when a player types a

      *** Random Sounds ***

      If you wish to add more than one sound for the same word,
      Zound will Randomize them when triggered.
      Lets say you have 3 sounds for the Trigger word 'cool'
      Now in the Zound51.ini file in the ZTrigger section add the 'Random=3' modifier:
      Now in the ini file you only put the word once as shown above.
      But in your .UAX file you make 3 sounds and call them:
      Please note the first word has no number following it.

      To add more Zound strings just copy and paste the previous one and change
      the Soundname and Triggername accordingly.

      Player Nickname

      An Admin can now use a Players Nickname as the Triggername and have dedicated
      sounds for each Player:


      NB.. All Fixed sounds like this should have its Hidden=True

      These Triggernames will NOT be displayed when a Player calls a Mutate Zounds
      These Triggernames will also not be said if a Player types them.

      These Triggernames can only be triggered by the Admin and will also be hidden
      from any Player calling a Mutate Zounds.


      Any Player can view the Trigger words in his Console by typing the command:
      Mutate Zounds



      Note: Zound will still say the time, regardless whether you make a sound
            file or not.


      If this is set to False, then all sounds will be disabled. The ServerAdmin
      can also switch this On/Off from the game with a Mutate command:
      Mutate Zound Off   and   Mutate Zound On


      This is the delay time in which sounds can be activated and should not be less than 5.
      It is recommended that SoundDelay is not less than 3 depending on the length
      of the average sound.


      Depending on the speed of your server, this is the delay time in which it takes
      for a Player to login and receive his/her greeting message if available.


      When set to True, then the trigger word needs to be only that word and not
      part of a sentence.
      If however it is set to False, the sound will trigger if that word is
      anywhere in the message.


      This is the Total number of sounds any one player can trigger during a
      If set to 0 (zero) then the number is unlimited.


      This was introduced to reduce spamming of the various sounds and works as
      Lets say you set DelaysEach=10
      When a Player triggers a sound, he will have to wait 10 seconds before he
      can trigger again (1 x 10)
      Once he has triggered 2 sounds he will now have to wait 20 seconds to
      trigger again (2 x 10)
      After the 3rd trigger he will have to wait 30 seconds before he can
      trigger again (3 x 10)
      And so the more he triggers a sound the longer he has to wait in between
      each trigger.
      This can now be disabled by setting DelaysEach=0


      If this is set to False then the trigger words that a player types will
      not be displayed to the other players.

      If this is set to False, Zound will not be displayed at game startup
      and also the hello and byebye triggers will be disabled.


      If this is set to True, then all triggers will be buffered and said after
      the SoundDelay timeout. This insures that every players trigger will be said.
      Up to 50 triggeres can be buffered.

      As from version 4.1 the sound volume is now variable.
      Sound volume (ZoundVolume) can be in the range from 0.1 up to 2.0 maximum.

      Can be from 0 to 600 (seconds) and is timed from the game starting.
      The sound name here needs to be newgame

      Can be from 0 to 180 (seconds) and is timed from the game ending.
      The sound name here needs to be endgame

      Can be from 0 to 600 (seconds)
      Number of seconds before triggers can be repeated.


      ServerPackages needed are:

      ServerPackages=All your sound files


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