Unreal Tournament 2004

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Unreal Tournament 2004 Red Orchestra Media Update

New screenshots and information regarding Ostfront 41-45


Unreal Tournament 2004 UT40K Beta 2 Screenshot

Geodav has a new screenshot for us to enjoy. UT40K is a multiverse at war. The never ending battle between the forces of good and evil, the struggle to rid the vast reaches of space from the terror that is Chaos. Only one has the power to tip the balance against a force that consumes worlds, and that one....is you. This mod is based on the Games Workshopâ„¢...


Unreal Tournament 2004 Life After Death Update

The Fraghouse mod team has released a small update showing some progress of the mod they are currently developing titled Life After Death. What's that? you may say, Life After Death is a zombie mod with lots of big guns and objectives. Below are some screenshots of the map called Transit and it looks pretty amazing. More information


Unreal Tournament 2004 TeamXbox publishes a complete article on Epic.

TeamXbox has published a 5 page article entitled "Everything You Wanted to Know About Unreal" detailing the history of Epic studios from its beginning up to its recent project "Gears of War" and beyond. Here is a piece of the article: Now that we can look to the first Unreal title as part of the history of gaming, one realizes that the most innovative...


Unreal Tournament 2004 Roadkill Warriors Large Media Update

Ok here is another media update for you guys from Roadkill Warriors: Juan has decided to change the Charger's texture, and it now looks like even more of a mean street machine! (Look below in the screenshot box to see the textures) Earlestes has added this great looking DustDevil bike model: (Look below in the screenshot box to see the model) Juan has a...


Unreal Tournament 2004 Ultimate Unreal First Development Snapshot

Many people have been waiting for this day and the day has finally come, the mod Ultimate Unreal Finally released the first development snapshot, read below to see what the team has to say about the little snapshot Please keep in mind that this is just a little preview of what it will look like in the final version! It's a very early development stage, so...


Unreal Tournament 2004 Defence Alliance 2 Released 3 Screenshots of Maps

Defence Alliance 2 released 3 new screenshots two of these shots are screenshots of the reworked version of the classic Egypt map that existed in DA: UT, the third shot is of a currently untitled map that is set in a desert fort with trenches and bunkers.


Unreal Tournament 2004 Counter Organic Revolution Finished 2 Models

The Counter Organic Revolution finished their models for the characters Streak and Slice, the info I could find for those characters are: Streak Streak is a new CMR for the GHC. He is a hovering vehicle, which has the ability to lock his current velocity and direction for a short amount of time, enabling Streak to “vector lock” in his last direction...


Unreal Tournament 2004 Killing Floor Zombie Makeover

Here is some Killing Floor news about the zombies that were released in the demo, the zombie that you see below in the screenshot box was meant to be a ZENITH Of zombie might, but it didn't look that great in the demo, that's why they are going to give the zombies that were underwhelming a makeover for the full release.


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