Unreal Tournament 2004

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Unreal Tournament 2004 Assault Mapping Tutorials

Assault Maps has released some awesome tutorials for UT2k4 mapping. As someone who has never mapped before, I actually found these usefull. Spawn Area Tutorial Defending your Objectives Turrets Editing Resources Understanding the Objectives


Unreal Tournament 2004 FileFront's UT2004 Strategy Guide Part II

FileFront has put up the second part of their UT2004 Strategy Guide, this time it will focus on the Frag.Ops mod. Its good reading, I suggest you check it out. FileFront UT2004 Guide Part II


Unreal Tournament 2004 FileFront's UT2004 Strategy Guide, Part I

The guys over at FileFront have posted Part I of their guide to UT2004. It encompases about seven pages of tips, covering the types of jumps, the armoury, vehicles, and tips for DM and ONS players. Definitely worth a going through. See it here.