Bombing Run Mod for UT3 coming soon!

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Published by TR_Relic 15 years ago , last updated 5 years ago
Hi all, Over at The Reliquary, we almost have the BR gametype working in Unreal Tournament 3. We do not have a release date set yet, as we are still deep in development. Once the mod is fully working, and we have it tweaked the way we want it, it will release as a beta along with a recreation of BR-Anubis. The new Anubis, renamed BR-HeroesOfAnubis, is a total recreation of the classic map and is not ported from UT2004. The layout is the same, so is the weapon and pickup layout. The theme however has changed. For the latest pictures of the map and news on the mod's progress, visit Although we cannot promise a release date, we expect to have a beta map and working beta code within a month. If any other mappers would like to join our efforts, so that we can release more than one map with the mod, contact me so we can discuss it. Merry Christmas to all and take care! Relic [i](project leader, mapper, server admin, FileFront UTFiles staff member)[/i]
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