IGN releases some impressions of UT2007. Conquest mode video included.

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IGN has released some impressions on UT2007. They include a video showing the conquest mode of UT2007 in action, complete with weapons and vehicles. You can find these impressions at IGN's website and by clicking [url=http://pc.ign.com/articles/616/616911p1.html]here[/url]. IGN also had this to say about the impression files: [quote] The cool thing is how the game keeps moving back and forth among the two sides. Both sides have objectives to complete so that it's not a strictly attack and defend game. The teams will each have their own separate objectives, but more than that, they'll have options for how they approach them and how they defend the objectives the other team is trying to hit. The idea sounds great. It's a little hard to see this played out in a five minute demonstration of the game engine and how freaking hot it looks. Partly because getting mesmerized by the pretty pictures is a bit too easy. The level that was chosen to be the E3 demo was a cramped city level full of flashing lights, beautifully detailed buildings, and plenty of random objects.[/quote]. Stay tuned as we get more info and videos on UT2007. (This post may be edited a bit in the near future).
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