New UT2007 Preview Available From Computer & Video Games Website.

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The website Computer and Video Games (yes, that is their name) has published their own review of UT2007. Here is part of the review: [quote] "We're focusing a lot of our development on what we call the classic game types and really trying to refine those," says Steve Polge. "We're spending a lot of time tweaking the tiniest details. We have these esoteric arguments about whether or not jump height should be four units higher and things like that. We're tweaking movement, weapons, just making sure everything feels really solid for DM and CTF. They'll be the modes we most focus on, but we're going to add a lot of new kinds of supporting features too, like automatic matchmaking based on skill rating - similar to" This emphasis on proven game types may sound pedestrian, but the philosophy very much seems to start with established ideas and rely on the power of the new engine to transform them. With CTF for example, there will now be maps with vehicles, using streaming level technology to make environments ten times bigger than previously possible. With Deathmatch, there will be levels littered with physics objects, where it becomes more about knocking things over on a player's head than shooting him with a rocket launcher. [/quote] and [quote] "Another aspect is the commander role," continues Morris, "which any sort of RTS-meets-first-person-shooter game flirts with. It's not as elaborate as Savage, where you have to have a commander, a research tree and all that. We want a sort of mid-level commander role, who has some overview of the battle and who's able to facilitate collaboration." Interestingly, the aim is not to pull the commander out of the world and give him a top-down view as in BF2, but to keep him very much within the game. It would be a role you could step into and out of as easily as, say, picking up a scoped rifle and deciding to be a sniper. [/quote] You can find the entire 8 page story on CVG's website, but you have to register with them if you want to view pages 2 through 8, which is stupid. Here is the link to the story: [url=][/url].
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