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Gametypes UT3 Bombing Run

Review pending ! I cannot review my own works hehe;) Brought to you by [email protected]@d, Relic, and the TRBP Team ! :rock:


Gametypes UT3 Bombing Run

Okay, so that half-hour playtest turned into an all-night gaming session. Right. Well, anyway, many have been waiting for an upgrade to t...


Gametypes UT3 Bombing Run

Somewhat of an upgrade over the prior version, we've mostly got bugfixes here as opposed to new stuff, but several of the bugs were in all...


Gametypes UT3 Bombing Run v1.5b

5 months in the making, this is version 1.5b of the Bombing Run gametype for Unreal Tournament 3. Many bugs have been fixed and new feature...


Gametypes UT3 Bombing Run v1.52b

Bombing Run for Unreal Tournament version 1.52. The mod has come a long way, and this is the best and most stable release yet.