My Description If you remember the Face from UT99 or even UT04 you will remember the name of this map for sure. There, however, is a...


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My Description If you remember the Face from UT99 or even UT04 you will remember the name of this map for sure. There, however, is a twist with this map and the one you are familiar with, this is the older more grown up version. Not only do we have three bridges but the bases have completely been upgraded with several doors to keep those lousy snipers out of your home town. Now lets get onto business with the review.

The Rating Tech: It sure is pretty but don't sit still looking around to long, you can really get dizzy if you pay attention to much to what is going on in the background with everything spinning. The fog is a nice added touch making you feel more like your out of the world. The bot pathing is good too but if you knock one of the boots off the edge and he lands on a rock, he might as well not even be in the game. They do not know how to get back up which can really be bothersome if he is on your team. Lets just hope your human teammates are smarter than the bots and know how to use a translocator. Fun Factor: Its great, no doubt you will be having fun getting those headshots .... Did I just hear someone say "BOOOOM Hedshot"? I think I did ... Anyways, its going to be a blast. Item Placement: An improvement from past Face's for sure. I like were the Redeemer was placed instead of having one in each base. I just wonder how many people are actually going to realize there is a biorifle in the map. Balance: Both sides have the same advantages and disadvantages so it is good. Stability: Now here is where we start to have a problem. I run most maps fine, I may not have the greatest computer in the world and it may be a few years old. But when it comes to UT3 maps I run about 95% of them at a fair rate. Several times when I was running down the bridge trying to get back to my base with the flag my FPS would drop to an unbearable rate. Quality: It brings in the mix of the old classic Face in with a new BAM of 2008 in there. It's very nice and dizzy to look at! Creativity: While it is a port but yet not a total port I will only dock it one point for this. Otherwise it is a really nice map and you can tell a lot of thought went into it.

~Death Dream~

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Download 'ctftwistedfaceultra.rar' (25.5MB)

Twisted Face - Ultra

Created by: Gary "NeoGzus" Malmgren
Assisted by: Tommy "NightEye" Rayburn

Install the map into the mydocs\mygames\unreal tournament 3\UTGame\published\CookedPC\CustomMaps\ folder if this is your first ut3 custom map you install you will have to create it yourself.

There are no custom meshes or textures in this level, all graphics assets in this map are made by Epic, but streamlined. This is a remixed (and updated) version of the Classic CTF-FACING WORLDS.

If you like it, please send donations(or give me a job) to GFXguru007@yahoo.com  I Did this for YOU and my favorite community. Keep it UNREAL!

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