My Description This map is going to bring those rockets launcher barrels right into your face with some face pace action. With no wh...


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My Description This map is going to bring those rockets launcher barrels right into your face with some face pace action. With no where to hide (besides the roof) your bound to either kill or be killed in this map. There are some nice moments here when you are jumping off the roof and nail someone in the head with a cold blooded rocket. Still, there are some downsides as well. The lack of bot support is not to major factor for most of us because if your downloading maps online, chances are your playing online too. So that isn't really a big problem to focus on, but there is one thing that just really shouldn't be. The blades of grass that stick out of the ground can not be shot through... grass does not stop a bullet. Now lets just get on with the rating and I will try to explain some more to you.

The Rating Tech: The ability to get the jump boots and get onto the roof that can't be normally accessed was a nice feature to add and seemed like it was well placed, along with the health that is up there too. The lighting in some area's is not the greatest I have seen but it shouldn't effect how you play the map to much. Again, the grass properties should of been changed to allow bullets to pass through. Fun Factor: This is one of those maps where if you don't pay much attention to the small details like I do, you can really have a blast. The in your face action is something most of us really enjoy and is the reason we bought Unreal Tournament 3 in the first place. With very little places to hide, you'll always find your enemy. Item Placement: While all the weapons seem to be in their rightful places, I can't help but question why the jump boots, helmet, and U damage was put is such close proximity to each other. Making the strong, stronger is something I don't agree with to much. Maybe it would of been a better idea to put the helmet where the link gun is and the jump boots on the other side by the bell, (wink wink nudge nudge if you are reading this). Balance and Stability: Balance wise the map is fine, besides the whole U damage situation, and will give you want you want. I didn't feel the FPS drop to much but I was only playing with five bots, I think if there is to many players on this map your FPS might drop more than normal just because everything is wide open. Quality and Creativity: The Quality is there but falls short just a little bit, the lighting could of been better done in some areas that seemed to be ignored however the creativity does make up for it a little bit. I still like the idea of the jump boots getting onto the roof, we might of seen it done before in past maps but it's still a nice feature to have.

~Death Dream~

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DM-Atriana is our first UT series map. We spent a lot of time on it so we hope you enjoy.
Constructive comments welcome.

Name: DM-Atriana
Version: Full
Description: A run and gun map with 4 levels based inside an atrium with a Chinese theme.
Players: 2-16

Thanx to: My awesome wife who worked real hard on this map, EPIC games forums for every1s help and EPIC for the great game and tool.

Installation: Just drag the three files inside the zip to MyDocuments/MyGames/UT3/UTGame/Published/CookedPC/CustomMaps. Start the game and enjoy.

Please visit
Home of the |HT| clan.

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