My Description We got a big one here, sorry, I mean huge map. This monster of a map should be played with 64 players if you are luck...


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My Description We got a big one here, sorry, I mean huge map. This monster of a map should be played with 64 players if you are lucky enough to find a server that can support that many players. There are even a few scorpions about to help you start some havoc getting you across this map, trust me, you'll need it. Did I say it was huge yet? Between your searching for players you can do some pretty neat tricks with the scorpions, throwing them into the water.

The Rating Tech: There is bot support in this map it's just so big it is hard to find your enemy. I quit playing after 10 kill because it took me to long to find any bots. The water effects and sounds were there which was nice and same with the small forests off to the sides. I just wish more could of been done with the building. Maybe a few torches for lights or something. Fun Factor: While most people wont have the funnest time playing the bots it will be a lot more fun with real human players. Get some cool tricks with the terrain with the scorpions or do what I did and ramp them off the rocks and watch them blow up in the water. Item Placement: The snipers are placed on the building and inside which is nice because that makes the players who are outside the building dead meat from a distance. However if you want up close fighting your going to have to travel far to get those good weapons so get on your scorpion and get going! Balance and Stability: I didn't feel my FPS drop at all during the review and I never really felt over powered so it was good in the section. Quality and Creativity: I thought the idea of putting the female head on the mountains was nice and pulled the player more into the world but then if you pull your eyes away from that you start to notice other things. I'm not completely sure if the author's aimed to make this map for scorpions to do neat tricks but thats what it turned out to be. Now if you manage to find a huge server running this map then that will be great but looking at the real picture here, this is just a little to big.

Edited: After looking at the map in the editor there is bot pathing, it was hard for me to tell when playing in game because the bots were really hard for me to find. Sorry about that MeleE and Taken. I'm only human :). Tech score was raised.

~Death Dream~

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