DM-Death Complex

My Description This maps is one of those that would of been great in Unreal Tournament 2004 on the Invasion gametype and it might st...


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File Description

My Description This maps is one of those that would of been great in Unreal Tournament 2004 on the Invasion gametype and it might still be if you download the mod for UT3. There is just something about how wide open it is and there is nothing to fill in the blank areas. It does make for some great fights, there really is no where to hide once someone has spotted you. It does feel like a team playing map when you are going through it, both sides of the maps are pertty much the same with the connecting hallways from the bio pool.

The Rating Let me explain why I rated it the way I rated it: Tech: As I said above, there is just to much open space from point a to point b. You sometimes feel like your in a rat tunnel just trying to get to the next weapon. However with some plan-jane looking areas the bio pit water does make up for it. Funfactor: Like any map, if you get the right amount of players in it you will have a great time. The best part is when you watch your enemy fall into the bio pit. Item Placement: The weapons on both sides of the map are the same, yet another reason why this will make a good team map to play. I just don't think there should of been a sniper rifle really put on this map. Balance and Stability: Said it once, I'll say it again, both sides of the map are the same so you will have no problem saying it was an even fight. Quality and Creativity: Neither the quality or creativity was at full blast on this one. While the map can still be fun you are left thinking, "there could of been some more".

I would recommend the Warfare game type of this map, that will be intense.

~Death Dream~

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Map Title: Death Complex
Author: Alex Dickson 


FILENAME: DM-Death_Complex_V2.ut3
RELEASE: Monday, January 18, 2008

INSTALL INSTRUCTIONS: Extract folder to the "Published" folder in C:\Documents and Settings\<WINDOWS ACCOUNT NAME>\My Documents\My Games\Unreal Tournament3\UTGame\Published

	This level is large, Complex (Tough), Deadly, and Just flat out X-PLOSIVE the ground level is the largest part of it. There are two Levls of exploration space.

.CENTER ROOM-Above the basement and below the walkways is a pool of slime, You fall, there ain't no gettin back up. YOU BE DEAD! it deals 300dmg. 

This level includes no powerups, just weapons and ammo. Somewhere hidden in the level is the Redeemer.

BUGS: None to report.

CREDITS: Alex Dickson... The only level designer...


I AM THE ONLY ONE WHO CREATED THIS LEVEL. I'm only 16 going on 17 this year, and I made a level like this... WHAT NOW!!! YOU IN MY HOUSE NOW

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