Whenever I get a map submission from DG, I know it's going to be something spectacular. This map is no exception! Although it was created...


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Whenever I get a map submission from DG, I know it's going to be something spectacular. This map is no exception! Although it was created for 1 on 1 gameplay, there is plenty of room for up to about 5 or 6 players. It kinda reminds me of a campaign level from Blacksite-Area51. Of course, it looks much better though :D

A must download for deathmatch players!


With the constantly shrinking worldwide petroleum reserves, the cost of fossil fuels increased beyond the ability for most consumers to afford. Fighting and wars broke out in every country. Gas stations were robbed. Refineries were hijacked. Within three months every gas bar was empty. The remaining people fought over the remaining fumes... get your gun and go get some gas...

A small 1on1 fast-paced DeathMatch. Close-quarters fighting in a visually realistic near-future abandoned garage.

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Title: Out of Gas
Platform: Unreal Tournament III PC and PS3
Requirements: UT-III
Patch Level: latest (Patch 1.2 at the time of this readme)
Game Type: 1on1 DeathMatch
Players: 2 to 4 (18 PlayerStarts)
Map Author: David 'DGUnreal' Green

Home Page:

The high detail of this map requires a higher level of computer system, recommend a Dual Core, 2GB RAM, NVidia 8000 series or ATI HD3000 series or better.

We have spent a lot of time developing our maps, so please ask us permission before using any of the custom brushes, music, scripts, sounds, staticmeshes, textures, or other custom objects such as emitter and particle settings from our maps in your own works.
It is customary in the mapping community to give credit to the source of any custom resources that you use, so including us in the map's readme credits for any of our resources used is appreciated.

You have a license to freely download and play the maps from this web site or place them onto a public or private game server.  These maps are for personal use only, you may not sell, lease or rent these maps, including bundling them with other maps in files or on disk or CD-ROM without permission; you may not place any of these files for download on any other web site without permission; you may not create derivative works based on these maps without permission; you may not use or modify any custom meshes, music, scripts, sounds, textures included with the maps or any of the other included files for your own works without permission; you must include all files in the original package whenever you distribute the file; you may not remove or modify any copyright information in any of the files.

See the DGUnreal website for further Readme info.

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