DM-House is a death match map made by whatwhere that takes...


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DM-House is a death match map made by whatwhere that takes place in, you guessed it, a house. This will be the final version, as the new vehicles have finally been added. The new vehicles are: Darkwalkers, Tanks, and Scavangers. It is fun to fight others in a house setting. Rooms and other obstacles like coffee machines are fully integrated in the house. It is a fun take on a simple premise.

The author would like to explain why his last version, wasn't really his last:

This is going to be the final version of DM-House i knoo i said that the last time but this time i couldn't resit adding vehicles. i noticed while playing galnators invasion that darkwalkers can be spawn on the level, i should know, i got PULVERIZED by 50 of them, so i figured since they be spawned on the level i'll add a few and i did. everything is the same except it now has vechicles...none are booby trapped so you don't have to worry bout being blown up.

Bored of playing in your own house? Play in this one!

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Download '' (64.27MB)

place all 3 files in your My GamesUnreal Tournament 3UTGamePublishedCookedPCCustomMaps folder then fire up the game load the map and blow things up!

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