My Description This is a three floor map with a few jump pads placed about. Your first floor is where the most of the fighting will...


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My Description This is a three floor map with a few jump pads placed about. Your first floor is where the most of the fighting will take place while the second floor you will have a few close counter matches and then on the third floor you got your power ups.

The Rating Tech: The jump pads are nice and can really make good get-a-way if you have someone chasing you and you can nail them when they come up. But there is one jump pad that is not aligned properly that I kept hitting my head on the wall and falling back down to the ground. This would be truly annoying if you were running away to make a good kill when he followed only to find out you can't make the jump. I even went back to test the jump pad a few times to make sure I wasn't doing something wrong, I kept hitting the wall and bouncing back down however.The bots seemed fairly responsive to what was going on and even beat me to the U damage. Again though, we have lighting problems though out the map. Some very dark spots on the first floor, while not directly damaging the sight of your enemy it is kind of in plain open sight (use a little ambient lighting to make it a simple gray shade). Fun Factor: I didn't find my self having all that great of a time playing this map. I'm sure it can be fun to kill the guy who tried to run away and hit his head on the jump pad but I'm sure the guy that couldn't get away by a design flaw is having fun. Small things like this can really make a big impact on game play, especially on a jump pad that shoots you up to the next floor. Item Placement: Pretty much every player spawns right next to a weapon, if your unlucky you do not. The U damage on the 3rd floor wasn't to bad but the whole spawning next to weapons doesn't appeal to me. Others may find it enjoyable to start guns a blazen but since I am reviewing the map I guess I will go with my opinion here. Balance & Stability: It's a DeathMatch map and can't really be judged to heavy on balance. The FPS didn't slip at all though so that is good. Quality & Creativity: I was left unimpressed and bored by the end of the test. That whole jump pad thing is really annoying and I'm sorry to beat a dead horse here but ... gz. I did like the jump from the second floor to the third floor, that was nicely done. The walls are no longer as (I stress "as") plane as some of the previous maps we have seen from 777. The use of crates through out the map on the basement can get a bit boring, maybe if more meshes were used and some green lighting to spice things up would of been a nice touch to add, since the walls are green an all.

~Death Dream~

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Modder: Alex Dickson
Mod: DM-MentalEquality
Version: It's Just Done!

RELEASE: Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Install: Extract to the "PUBLISHED" Folder in this directory.... 

C:\Documents and Settings\<WINDOWS ACCOUNT NAME>\My Documents\My Games\UTGame\Published

	3 levels of Deathmatch for fun destruction and more fun. Jump Pads are the only way to get up to each level. It's also a little compact. Lots of static meshes, Not too many, so it won't bog down your computer. There are two DAMAGE AMPs on the top level.


NOTE: This level has been tested several times and edited almost after every one of the tests.

Comments: YOU IN MY HOUSE! once again...

Bugs: None to report, If you encounter an error, tell me.


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