DM-Split Palace

My Description Here we have a map called Split Palace by 777. This map is one of those maps that look great on paper but some hitche...


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My Description Here we have a map called Split Palace by 777. This map is one of those maps that look great on paper but some hitches always seem to happen in the building process. While it has a nice mix of Z axis fighting and a wide selection of weapons placed though out the map, everyone is bound to find something they will like. This map looks like it will be great for those maxed out server with 16+ players on it. Onto the rating...

The Rating Tech: We can clearly see 777 is making better steps forward but he is trying to take to many steps at once it seems and that is what causes this score to be lower than his pasts. The lighting in some spots is non exsistant which is quite a pity. Then we have the bridges, while it was a nice idea I found my self, when walking on the stairs, getting caught on the lip that merges the bridge to the stairs. This was a bad design flaw and hope not to see this ever again. It shows the mapper didn't take the time to even test his own map before releasing it. And now we come to the brick hallways on the outer sides of the map; they are very plain with no real look to it. Unless he was going for the Mario theme then good job, but I highly doubt that was what 777 was trying to do. Fun Factor: Even with the lack of attention done in the architecture your still going to have fun. With every weapon pretty much in this map you wont feel left out. Plus the jump pads are pretty fun when shooting down on unlucky foe. Item Placement: This was confusing to me, very .... The brick hallways are loaded with way to many pickups. Now I got nothing against the placement of the U damage or any other of the powerups but I think at least one of them should of been put on the fountain in the middle of the map (I'm not downgrading it because of that, its just my opinion I am putting out there). Balance and Stability: I didn't feel my computer start to sweat over this so anything should be able to run it ok. Quality and Creativity: This is where that "great on paper" comment comes into play. Think of it like Legos, you have a huge mansion you want to build and you draw everything out perfectly. But when it comes down to the building part, you fall short, you got lazy, and wanted to end it fast so instead of a mansion you made a one bedroom house with one bathroom. So the end result is what we have here.

Note to Author: Sorry 777, I can see your clearly trying to make good maps but you are not testing them before you release them. Be harder on your self when you make a map and stop doing this half ass crap you have been doing.

~Death Dream~

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Unreal Tournament 3
Title: DM-Split Palace
Author: Alex Dickson

Filename: dm-split_palace.ut3
Filesize: Approximately 21MB
Date Released: January 26, 2008 12:50 AM
Version: 1.0

C:\Documents and Settings\<account name>\My Documents\My Games\Unreal Tournament 3\UT Game\Published

	DESCRIPTION: I based this off the Split Palace (some roman architecture) and I believe I got the measurements right its about 500 Wide X 600 Feet Long. With halls inside the outer walls. I got the idea from a book I rented out of my school library, and made it my own. I added stuff that's not originally there, but, the shape of it is pretty much correct.This map is so large, to actually have the most fun with it get it up to 32 players. I mean it's still even a little large for that amount of players. It's set in a night sky scene, has lots of treees, ferns and other foliage. TWo Redeemers are available in the level, but you must be the one to find them. This map took me at least, AT LEAST 3 days to make. That measurement I have here is the real size of the level I took the &quot;Length X 16&quot; and &quot;Width X 16&quot; Using multiplication is how I got my measurements. From what I gather 16 Unreal Units makes up 1 foot so I multiplied 16 times the number of feet and got my measurements. Try it Me thinks you'll like it.

BUGS: None to report.

Comments: Still, one person who created it.

This Map is not made, distributed or supported by Epic Games, and the other companies they work with. If you have any questions or comments, notify me.

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