Jurrassic Rage III

In 1993, a team of British scientists discovered a way of genetically incubating a dinosaur. Using a technique which involved extracting gen...


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In 1993, a team of British scientists discovered a way of genetically incubating a dinosaur. Using a technique which involved extracting genetic material from viruses that had been around since the Jurassic Era, scientists found that they could create and breed dinosaurs. Once the scientists had proven their theory, they were quickly funded by a private organization called DinoTech. DinoTech was purely interested in the scientific benefits of the project, never planning on marketing the dinosaurs, nor did they ever contemplate creating a theme park. DinoTech decided that the best way to study dinosaurs was to let them roam in a natural environment, thus DinoTech constructed a base on a small Island of the coast of New Zeland called MalculeyIsland.

In 1997, construction was completed and new personnel began to arrive on the island. The founding scientists of the project had gone from a small team with great ideas, to an organization with even greater ideas. The island contained many facilities built for the scientists to study the dinosaurs. These buildings were isolated from the rest of the island by towering electric fences. The island was the most modern design of man to date, incorporating the most recent technology known. High-powered electric facilities, radar sensors, and life support systems were only a fraction of the islands capabilities.

By 2001, the scientists had created most dinosaurs known to man and began to not only watch and observe them, but also test them.

This afternoon, raptor broke out of a top security medical lab and escaped into jungle, killing several employees on his way. A few hours later, a majority of the velociraptors, roaming the island, started to behave in a demented fashion. Scientists suspect sabotage and food poisoning. They blamed worker incompetence, and low-level security. Security personnel accuses scientists of ressurecting a prehistoric virus. The sun has set, and all communication has gone offline...

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Download 'jurassicrageiii_pc_v105.zip' (3.73MB)

Jurassic Rage v105
Mutator for UT3
Created by Roman Switch` Dzieciol, Jamie EvilSmiley Krautkremer and Alex Gibson

Jurassic Rage mutator turns hunters into the hunted. Packs of hungry dinosaurs roam the battlefield,
 looking for anything they can gnaw on. Whatever are your objectives, stay sharp soldier!

 * To install on Windows, extract the .zip file to your "My DocumentsMy GamesUnreal Tournament 3" folder.
 * To play, open the mutator settings menu when starting game and pick one or more Jurassic Rage mutators.
 * You can configure the dinosaurs using the standard mutator configuration button.
 * The T-Rex mutator works best on large maps with vehicles, such as WAR-Torlan.
 * Warning: Mixing those mutators with other mods may result in tons of extra fun and uncontrollable laughter! 


 - Rex changes:
   * When dead goes into ragdoll mode properly
   * Vehicles that try to push him are slowed down, applies to light vehicles mostly
   * Rotation speed reduced
   * Size increased a bit
   * Can't be pushed around by weapons
   * Should not dodge anymore
   * Increased aggresiveness
   * Growling when charging at enemy doesn't happen all the time anymore
 - Raptor changes:
   * Animation blending for getting up when knocked out
 - Other changes:
   * Feet align to surfaces
   * Bleeding from any kind of damage
   * Physics-based hit animations
   * Better movement in water

 - PS3 fixes:
   * Dino skin corruption fixed
   * T-Rex shouldn't hover 6 feet above ground anymore

 - Rex changes:
   * Health is configurable from 300 to 6000
   * Speed is configurable from 400 to 1400
   * Damage is configurable from 30 to 600
   * Does more damage to vehicles
   * Default speed increased to 700
   * Default health increased to 1000
   * Health will be restored to default if it was bugged by previous release 
 - Raptor changes:
   * They do not push vehicles around

 - Rex changes:
   * Ragdoll optimized for better performance
   * Walking anim play rate increased
   * Walking speed decreased
   * Skin no longer becomes desaturated when viewing from distance
   * Decreased spawn rate
   * 25% bigger
   * Mutator config
   * Spawn rate reduced to 1 per 8 players or 4 vehicles
 - Raptor changes:
   * Visual glitches on PS3 should be fixed
   * Better looking shaders
   * Hit effect overlays just like on UT3 player models
   * Ragdoll optimized for better performance
   * Straightens up a little when facing obstacles
   * When switching to ragdoll, old collision gets disabled properly
   * Damage reduced by 30% in response to increased aggresiveness up close
 - Other changes
   * Dinos avoid spawning close to players
   * Config menu is more accurate and easier to understand
   * With spawn rate equal 0 dinos are spawned once per game only
   * Optimized code for lower CPU usage

v65: (MSUC release)
 - Tyrannosaurus Rex added as new mutator
 - Raptor changes:
   * Jump lean while attacking
   * Anim poses for moving in various directions
   * No longer clips into player
   * Backwards and strafe speed reduced
   * Tweaked player immobilization, now it alows player to fall freely and struggle in other directions a bit
   * Don't get stuck on each other
   * More accurate attack hit detection
   * Leap attack attempts to land straight on predicted enemy position, dealing damage on impact
   * Ragdoll optimized for better performance
   * Being hit by vehicle doesn't cause instant death everytime
   * Being hit by vehicle may knock out (ragdoll) Raptor without killing him
   * Raptors don't kill each other accidentially
   * Challenge and idle sounds are played less often and more randomly
 - Other changes:
   * Other bots react faster to dinos going after them
   * Low flying vehicles will be attacked by dinos
   * Shaders tweaked

 - Mutator configuration GUI: 
   * health
   * speed
   * skill
   * damage
   * spawning algorithm
 - Animation tweaks
   * new jump attack anim pose
   * jump lean poses
   * alt idle anim
   * alt attack anim
   * run anim play rate fixed
 - Gameplay tweaks and bugfixes:
   * Dinos are slightly slower and weaker
   * Dinos spawn less often
   * Dino max count reduced to 32, increasing performance on maps with many players and/or vehicles
   * Dinos like to stay idle while not hunting   
   * Dinos can get knocked out by hard direct hits such as shock rifle or minigun alt fire
   * Dinos are lighter, get bounced around by weapons more
   * Being killed by a dino does not count as suicide anymore and doesn't decrease your score
v24: (First release)


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