This has been tested with UT2D 0.9.7. Download is in .rar format, and as s...


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This has been tested with UT2D 0.9.7. Download is in .rar format, and as such requires WinRar or a similar program to open.

There's no PS3 version as I tried to PS3 cook it and it just sat, hung for over half an hour on the stealthbender error. If someone else can cook it for PS3 go ahead, though I've no idea if it's possible as it includes custom meshes.

Player Spawns are in the bottom corner, 1 on the pipe ledge and 1 in the top corner (on both sides of the map). Flags are in the bottom corners.

Weapon Spawns: Shock Rifle - Middle, bottom floor. Flak Cannon - Left, top floor room. Flak Cannon Ammo - Right, top floor room. Stinger - Left, top floor. Stinger - Right, top floor. Stinger Ammo - Middle, middle floor.

The two vertical shafts at the bottom have mesh grates over them so you don't fall into them. Either side of the middle there are doors so you can't stand at one flag and spam the other.

There are no health pickups, but I don't think it adversely affects gameplay in any way. If you feel otherwise feel free to let me know. The pickups in general are open to discussion.

I'm particuarly interested in knowing if people get unplayable FPS rates around the middle (specifically the door area). There's some dynamic lighting going on around that area because of the doors and I drop 10FPS or so, though I maintain 40FPS easily on a decent rig. I want to know if anyone has trouble in that area so I can tweak it if necessary, but obviously not if you're someone trying to run max settings on a PC that can't handle it.

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Download 'ut2dducts_beta1dazjw.rar' (9.29MB)

UT2D-Ducts_Beta1 by DazJW

This map is built for UT2D Beta 0.9.7, which can be found here: http://utforums.epicgames.com/showthread.php?t=609762

To install you need to place these three files:

Into this folder:
My DocumentsMy GamesUnreal Tournament 3UTGamePublishedCookedPCCustomMaps

Where YOURLOGONNAME will be the name of your Windows logon.

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