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Warehouse Skatepark V1.0
By JDOGGA (Justin Davis)

This is a VCTF map which contains one scorpion in the center of the map.
It is a symetrical skatepark based in an indoor broken down warehouse.
This map has two big amps in it which play "Black Label" by Lamb Of God.
I just thought I'de let you know to turn thw volume up to full on this one. 
You will find out why.

put these files in:
My Documents/My Games/Unreal Tournament 3/UTGame/Published/CookedPC/CutsomMaps

There is one secret which takes you to a room full of powerups. To get there you
must shoot one or two giant boxes till they tip over revealing a teleporter. Once
in the room you must shoot the garage door to get back in the main area.

I had a fault on v1.0 where you spawn inside the big garbage bin on both sides, so you
now spawn ontop of the garbage bins. I also added windows to make the level look more 
like a warehouse. I added a few more lights too. Some other tiny details fixed aswell

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