I'm hoping for a Warfare version of this map (hint) as it's layout is a lot like some of the maps from Battlefield. This military installat...


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I'm hoping for a Warfare version of this map (hint) as it's layout is a lot like some of the maps from Battlefield. This military installation...nestled safely, deep inside a mountian canyon, has a lot to offer. The terrain looks great in my opinion, as does all of the scenery. Gameplay is great and there's plenty of room for a clan vs clan match. Nice sniping positions too...but it's a race to the center of the map to obtain the sniper rifle which puts you out in the open - a sitting duck.

Nicely done!

~ Relic

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TITLE: vCTF-Wastelands
PLATFORM: Unreal Tournament 3 PC
REQUIREMENTS: UT3 / Patch Level 1.3 or later
GAME TYPE: Vehicle Capture the Flag
PLAYERS: 12 to 24 
AUTHOR: SmokeRingHalo
* Filter Forge - for textures with normal maps now that I can't afford to use crazybump -
* Hourences - for the all the Tutorials -
* DGUnreal - for making the skydome Texture & Mesh available -
* Epic Games & the Forum Community -

Tired of getting pinned down by sniper fire while trying to fix your broken down vehicle in the parched desert heat? Stop by Last Chance Gas for all your ammo, refreshment, and vehicle repair needs!

* Bot Support
* 3 Detail Modes for Low, Medium, & High end systems
* 72 Custom Meshes & 42 Customized Materials

Extract UTGame Folder to your "..My DocumentsMy GamesUnreal Tournament 3" Folder

1) AI
   * Bots have trouble navigating around slime volumes & ramps
   * Bots run vehicles into 'blocked for vehicles' obstacles despite having wide 'vehicle preferred' paths around the obstacles  
   * Blue teams bots seem to navigate better than red team bots despite each side being pathed the same  
   * Bots tend to hold on to deployables for a long time even when taking enemy fire
2) MiniMap
   * The playable outer edges of the map are outside of the minimap circle on the hud
3) Collision
   * The forced direction volumes at the edges of the map block hitscan weapon fire but not projectiles.
4) Misc
   * Trains don't always destroy vehicles when hit and no damage is taken when striking trains from the side
   * Some occasional Foliage volume "pop in"
   * Edges of slime volumes are more deadly than the center for reasons unknown.

If you find an issue/bug not listed above, please let me know by posting in my maps thread here:

It has taken many months to get this, my 2nd map, ready to release. It was started even before WAR-Moltencore but quickly fell by the wayside in favor of the lava themed map.
Vctf-Wastelands was heavily inspired by the 2k4 mod 'Clone Bandits'. 

If your a server admin & add vCTF-Wastelands-Beta1 on your server, pm me over at the epic forums and let me know so that I can add your server to the list of servers running the map (so that people can find it easier to try it online).

Granted I cannot legally charge for my map, but I'm not above accepting donations.
If you like the map, want to motivate me somehow, or just think I'm a cool guy, tossing me a buck or two would be very much appreciated.

Please ask permission before using any of the custom content, including but not limited to: brushes, music, scripts, sounds, staticmeshes, textures, or other custom objects such as emitter and particle settings from this map in your own works.
You have a license to freely download and play the maps from this web site or place them onto a public or private game server. These maps are for personal use only, you may not sell, lease or rent these maps, including bundling them with other maps in files or on disk or CD-ROM without permission; 
you may not place any of these files for download on any other web site without permission; you may not create derivative works based on these maps without permission; you may not use or modify any custom meshes, music, scripts, sounds, textures included with the maps or any of the other included 
files for your own works without permission from the original author(s); you must include all files including this read me in the original package whenever you distribute the file; you may not remove or modify any copyright information in any of the files.

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