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My Description Much like the DeathMatch version of Death Complex, the only real different is the placement of the nodes and one weap...


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My Description Much like the DeathMatch version of Death Complex, the only real different is the placement of the nodes and one weapon station. The map doesn't change much at all from what we saw in the DM version but in overall fun factor, it has greatly improved. The bio bridge will become a great central fighting point and who ever owns that will own the map for sure.

The Rating If you want my full detailed description check it out over on the deathmatch version, I am only going to cover what has changed from that version to this version. Tech: Including nodes does help to forget about all the other stuff in the map and make you focused on one thing, winning. FunFactor: The greatest part about the warfare map that makes it so different from the deathmatch version is the two nodes on the bio bridge. The Orbs really come in handy on this part of the map and really push a team back into their base. Creativity: While most of the map is still the same I got to say it again, the central point of this map is going to hold the power to win here.

~Death Dream~

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Download 'deathcomplexv2warfaremode.zip' (17.49MB)


Map Title: Death Complex Warfare Mode
Author: Alex Dickson 

e-mail: alex_dcksn@sbcglobal.net

FILENAME: DM-Death_Complex_V2.ut3
RELEASE: Monday, January 18, 2008

INSTALL INSTRUCTIONS: Extract folder to the "Published" folder in C:\Documents and Settings\<WINDOWS ACCOUNT NAME>\My Documents\My Games\Unreal Tournament3\UTGame\Published

NEW ADDITION OF WARFARE MODE... It's my first map I've made that I've converted to Warfare.
	This level is large, Complex (Tough), Deadly, and Just flat out X-PLOSIVE the ground level is the largest part of it. There are two Levls of exploration space.

.CENTER ROOM-Above the basement and below the walkways is a pool of slime, You fall, there ain't no gettin back up. YOU BE DEAD! it deals 300dmg. 

This level includes no powerups, just weapons and ammo. Somewhere hidden in the level is the Redeemer.

BUGS: None to report.

CREDITS: Alex Dickson... The only level designer...


I AM THE ONLY ONE WHO CREATED THIS LEVEL. I'm only 16 going on 17 this year, and I made a level like this... WHAT NOW!!! YOU IN MY HOUSE NOW

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