Large Warfare Map for UT3 set across volcanic lava fields. Includes 2 link setups. Graphical enhancements include heat distortion and fallin...


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Large Warfare Map for UT3 set across volcanic lava fields. Includes 2 link setups. Graphical enhancements include heat distortion and falling ash. Control of the countdown node will lower the enemy core into a lava pit.

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Relic writes:

This was your first map? I see a lot of long hours went into this. Not for just the map, but the custom content. I'd like to see how you setup those powercores to move like that. This map shows that your are comfortable with the editor as a whole: materials, kismet, editing tools, trigger systems, etc...

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Download 'warmoltencorebeta1.zip' (79.98MB)

Title: WAR-MoltenCore
Version: 1.0/BETA
Platform: Unreal Tournament 3 PC
Requirements: UT3 / Patch Level 1.2 or later
Game Type: WAR
Players: 12 to 24 
Map Author: SmokeRingHalo
Home Page: http://www.myspace.com/smokeringhalo

Additional Credits: 
Filter Forge for the awesome lava textures - http://www.filterforge.com
Hourences for the all the Tutorials - http://www.hourences.com/book/tutorialsindex.htm
DGUnreal & Epic for making the skydome Texture & Mesh available - http://www.lilchips.com/dgunreal/ut3-skies.asp
The Epic Games Forum Community - http://utforums.epicgames.com/forumdisplay.php?f=20

The battle for the core now wages across fields of molten lava.

2 Link Setups - Default & AxonVsNecris

Extract UTGame Folder to your "..My DocumentsMy GamesUnreal Tournament 3" Folder

Known Issues/Bugs:
*Some Pathing issues such as bots not using the ramps or parking their vehicles on top of each other. Bots also can't find their way out of lava if knocked in nor can they attack the cores from the lava side.
*Cicada Rockets blocked by upper Force Direction Volume regardless of "block all but weapons" property set. Standard blocking volume used as a temporary solution.
*Many planned shadow effects that displayed in the editor would not render after building no matter what lighting channels & settings were used.
*Generic Minimap texture.

This is my first map from scratch & my first UT3 map period.
I've worked on this map for much longer than I originally intended to.  I had to pull alot of things back out of the map that I had created such as custom music (the dynamic music system would not change the loops properly),
custom lava splash particles for performance, and stripped back the falling ash from the entire map (because it became annoying when constant) but kept it on the sides only as it does look good in moderation.
I also went overboard on the lighting the first time around and had to scale it back.

If your a server admin & run WAR-Moltencore-Beta1 on your server, pm me over at the epic forums and let me know so that I can add your server to the list of servers running the map (so that people can find it easier to try it online).

Granted I cannot legally charge for my map, but I'm not above accepting donations.
If you like the map, want to pay homage, or just want to motivate me somehow, tossing me a buck or two would be very much appreciated.


Standard Legal:
Please ask permission before using any of the custom content, including but not limited to: brushes, music, scripts, sounds, staticmeshes, textures, or other custom objects such as emitter and particle settings from this map in your own works.
You have a license to freely download and play the maps from this web site or place them onto a public or private game server. These maps are for personal use only, you may not sell, lease or rent these maps, including bundling them with other maps in files or on disk or CD-ROM without permission; 
you may not place any of these files for download on any other web site without permission; you may not create derivative works based on these maps without permission; you may not use or modify any custom meshes, music, scripts, sounds, textures included with the maps or any of the other included 
files for your own works without permission from the original author(s); you must include all files including this read me in the original package whenever you distribute the file; you may not remove or modify any copyright information in any of the files.

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