X.E.N.O. is a collection of female and male models inspired by several influences in TV, movies, and science fiction. These models are gothi...

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File Description

X.E.N.O. is a collection of female and male models inspired by several influences in TV, movies, and science fiction. These models are gothic and feature a lot of black. The female models show of a lot of skin and barely have anything covering them. Each model is highly detailed. There are tons of selectable armor and body parts.

This collection includes six models, five females and one male. The male model is in an armored and black all-over suit. One female model copies this male model in an all-over suit. The rest are, as aforementioned, are barely covered in any armor. Each models' eyes are glowing, as if they were demons. The "gothic style" helps with this effect as well.

This is an excellent model pack which captures the true graphic capabilities of the Ut3 engine.

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Re-Upload Request Restoration

:::::::::::::::::::::: EvilEngine.net 2008 ::::::::::::::::::::::


Program Name........: UT3_Model_Xeno
Version.............: 1.00 Final MSUC version
Author..............: EvilEngine
License Type........: Freeware
Limitations.........: Only to be used with ut3 patch 1.3+ 
OS..................: Windows XP and Vista 32/64 bit
Release Date........: 10/15/2008


Website.............: http://www.evilengine.net
Email...............: [email protected] & [email protected]
IM....................: [email protected] for MSN

This is a collection of female and male models inspired by several influences in TV and movie scifi. A little bit of Borg,Alien,Terminator,Fem Bots and sexy playboy playmates all rolled into one.
To be entered into the MSUC contest.


UT3 fully installed on your pc and patch 1.3.
Not yet compatible with PS3, but is currently in beta testing.

:: WHAT'S NEW ::

Custom code for faction, gore/gibs, unique shaders, animations and sounds.

Finally out of beta
Brand new sounds for two of the types of XENO borgs - THANKS goes to unrealgrrl for her voice samples- go to her site: http://www.unrealgrrl.com/

:: TODO ::

A custom faction room.
To finish up the Male version which I didn't have much time to work on. But I will supply additional bonus packages of goodies later and updates/patches.
To add more sounds to the characters for proper gameplay.
:: THANKS ::
Anuban - Thanks for sticking though the mess that happened at Epic's forums and continuing to help manage my forum as a Forum Admin.
unrealgrrl - Thank you for your hard work making the voices for the XENO fems, you really came through.
Buffy - Thanks for all your time you put into beta testing and grabbing those awesome screenshots, your still the master at that art.
Brianomatic - Without you I wouldn't even have EvilEngine.net, so thank you for all your hard work you donate to keep the site alive.
John(aka AgentX) - Thanks old buddy for keeping me motivated even when I wanted to just uninstall all my games and quit modding altogether.
djposse-e - Thanks for little bit of advice for getting my sound fx just right.
To all my forum members (too numerous to name) especially the beta testers for finding sometimes the most unusual bugs and giving me more grey hair.


Enjoy it, as it took 4 months to put together and sleepless nights that I will never get back.
With all the crashes making this model did to UnrealED I am surprised I ever finished it.
Please go to EvilEngine.net and let me know if you happened to stumble upon this beta instead of the full version.

:::::::::::::::::::::: EvilEngine.net 2008 ::::::::::::::::::::::

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