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Map Packs CTF-DM-Burn

Here are two sample maps from Grenademan's upcoming UT99 bonus pack...which sounds to be very promising! To be an old game, these maps loo...


Map Packs 88 + Monster Hunt Maps

This is a collection of 88 more maps for the Monster Hunt mod (available here). This pack is definitely worth downloading for any private MH


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Map Packs UT99.org Community Map Pack 2

A new map pack from UT99.org contains much more than just a few simple maps.


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Map Packs UT99.org CMP2 Patch 1.3

UT99.org Community Mappack 2 (CMP2) Patch Version: 1.3


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Map Packs Insane Map Pack

These 15 deathmatch maps are handpicked from over thousand downloads from each findable source.