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Modifications ChaosUT v1.1

Since the older ChaosUT uploads were corrupted and the FF techies couldn't fix it, Relic kindly repackaged ChaosUT into a simple .exe insta...


Modifications ChaosUT

I doubt there's a person alive who hasn't heard of ChaosUT by now, especially as it was included with UT GOTY Edition. Anyway, observat...


Modifications Neoshock Umod

Neoshock is a team based deathmatch with three seperate teams with their own class style. Future plans were to have each team resemble diffe...


Modifications Tactical Ops 2.2

Powered by the award-winning Unreal engine, TacticalOps: Assault on Terror throws you into the life-and-death world of counterterrorism. Joi...


Modifications TO 1.6 Umod Version

One of the very firsts Tactical Ops mods, that's the 1.6 version, If it doesn't work try to install it with an Umod browser tool


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Modifications Kick Ass Crosshairs

This should be a kick ass Crosshair pack, as the name indicates. Hope you enjoy.


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Modifications DropCircles

These designs are based on the mysterious but uber-cool 'crop circles' - however these crosshairs don't look like anything you'd see on your...


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Modifications G1BHAIRZ3

my 3rd and best crosshair pack, u'll prolly want to download the 1st 1 too cos I couldn't be arsed to write a proper readme for this 1


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Modifications G1BHAIRZ Crosshair pack v4

4th installment of crosshair pack, neater, simpler


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Modifications StonedMonk CrossHair Pack

These are a collection of cross hairs that I put together because I was tired of getting killed due to my POOR aiming. 6 new crosshairs.. H...


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Modifications Ozunreal Custom Crosshair pack

Includes 10 new crosshairs.


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Modifications UniTY Crosshairs

Includes 11 all new, very cool crosshairs.


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Modifications G1B-Hairz

Crosshairs made on the basis of giving the player a very good awareness of the center of the screen by sub-consciously focusing instead of s...


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Modifications ZaGhost Crosshairs Pack

A collection of 20 crosshairs, some drawn, some converted /modified from Q2/Q3 & HalfLife addons


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Modifications [EG]!Crosshairs Pack

A nice pack with 3 static and 3 animated crosshairs


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Modifications utsmallcrosshair.zip


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Modifications Texture Pack 1

Generic indoors textures and a huge variety of road signs.


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Modifications Texture Pack 2

More indoors textures.


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Modifications Texture Pack 3

Walls, floors and an environment map.


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Modifications 3 stooges voice pack for UT

3 Stooges voice pack for UT. Very good sound quality and very complete package.


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Modifications Bender Voice

Bender, the drunken robot from Futurama.


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Modifications Arabian Voice Package

An Arabian voice package


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FULL METAL JACKET Speech Addon for Unreal Tournament Secound Edition. Expicit in nature. Visit www.unreality.org/mutated for more informati...


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