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Modifications ChaosUT v1.1

Since the older ChaosUT uploads were corrupted and the FF techies couldn't fix it, Relic kindly repackaged ChaosUT into a simple .exe insta...


Modifications ChaosUT

I doubt there's a person alive who hasn't heard of ChaosUT by now, especially as it was included with UT GOTY Edition. Anyway, observat...


Modifications Neoshock Umod

Neoshock is a team based deathmatch with three seperate teams with their own class style. Future plans were to have each team resemble diffe...


Modifications Tactical Ops 2.2

Powered by the award-winning Unreal engine, TacticalOps: Assault on Terror throws you into the life-and-death world of counterterrorism. Joi...


Modifications TO 1.6 Umod Version

One of the very firsts Tactical Ops mods, that's the 1.6 version, If it doesn't work try to install it with an Umod browser tool


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Add-Ons Official Bonus Files Pack

This pack includes all official bonuspacks plus patches except the huge assault pack ... .


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Add-Ons Bruce Campbell VoicePack

This voicepack contains roughly 21 taunts, and includes orders, acknowledgments, and other stuff.


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Add-Ons Shogo MAD Sanjuro Skin and Voicepack

Sanjuro Skin and Voicepack Created 01/04/02, Updated 04/01/2012 Preview: http://i.imgur.com/dXala.jpg This is a skin of the character San...


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