I doubt there's a person alive who hasn't heard of ChaosUT by now, especially as it was included with UT GOTY Edition.

Anyway, observat...


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I doubt there's a person alive who hasn't heard of ChaosUT by now, especially as it was included with UT GOTY Edition.

Anyway, observations aside, let's see what this mod is packin'. New Weapons: - Bastard Sword It's sharp, and deadly. What more can a guy want? Weapon Slot: 2 Primary Fire: Slash / stab. Secondary Fire: Guard. This function can also be used to block projectiles.

- Crossbow A nice, versatile ranged weapon with some melee features. When getting up close and personal, spikes will cause additional damage. The Crossbow also uses three types of bolt. Bear in mind that while the Crossbow can be used as a sniper weapon, the bolts don't move all that fast. The three bolt types are standard, explosive, and poisonous. Weapon Slot: 4 Primary Fire: Launch bolt. Secondary Fire: Engage scope.

- Proximity Mines Everyone loves the Proxy! These little guys will chase down hostiles, spouting sarcastic remarks along the way, before dropping a bombshell - literally. Weapon Slot: 8 Primary Fire: Throw a proxy, which instantly begins chirping and hunting. Secondary Fire: Set a proxy to wait in place and ambush enemies.

- The Claw Good for ripping intestines out and also a good Flak Cannon substitute. Versatile close-range/melee weapon. The Claw can also work as a proxy launcher, giving our little friends some extra range. Weapon Slot: 1 (melee), 8 (flak cannon/proxy) Primary Fire: Fire flak ammo/proxies. Rips chunks out of enemies in melee mode. Secondary Fire: Fire flak grenade (if flak ammo mode is in use). When proxies are armed, use "playerpush", a mode which launches proxies at a very high rate of fire still in their shells. When the speed of the proxy decreases, it will open it's shell the proxy will activate, causing damage and knockback.

- Chaos Sniper Rifle A large upgrade to the UT classic rifle. This rifle acts very much like it's predecessor, only it uses two types of ammo. The first one is a standard shell, with ricochet capability. The second is Rocket Powered Bullets, which do massive damage but have a low rate of fire and leave a trail. Weapon Slot: 0 Primary Fire: Fires chosen munition. Secondary Fire: Activate scope.

- The Vortex This weapon sucks. No, really, I'm not joking. ...It DOES! Why are you looking at me like that?

The Vortex is a powerful gravitational manipulation device. When launched from it's restrictor unit, you need to get the hell away from it - like, "other side of the map" away - before it pulls in anything in the vicinity. Be careful, however, since the Vortex has no friend/foe recognition. Weapon Slot: 0 Primary Fire: Throw Vortex.

- Sentry Turret (Check Readme section for info.) Weapon Slot: 0

New Items: - Armor Shard Gives five extra armor points when collected.

- GravBelt Gives a thirty second boost to your anti-grav capabilities. It activates on pickup and works for the full thirty seconds. Try it with the GravBoots for best effect!

Other Features: - Grappling Hook The grapple hook can be toggled and set to a key in the ChaosUT options menu. It has two modes - stiff and loose. The hook starts off in stiff mode, where it pulls you in, then another keypress lets you swing, before a final keypress releases the cable.

You can also bind a second key to climb the cable in the ChaosUT options.

- Kamikaze A last-resort attack fueled by 10 or more rockets, this brings a whole new way to be a suicidal maniac. The more rockets you have, the bigger your blast radius. To use the Kamikaze, first press the Kamikaze key (set in the ChaosUT Options menu), and then hit primary fire. Enjoy the view from the Kami-Cam!

- Kick I don't need to explain this...

- Spawn Protection Spawn campers no more! This feature gives five seconds of invulnerability after respawning.

- RealLife™ Sounds Because let's face it - no one is ever completely silent.

- Heartbeat As the adrenaline flows, your pulse races. When your health begins to dwindle you'll hear the effects of this, and so will your foes!

New Maps: - DM-CUT_Eclipse (2-6 Players) Author: Eric 'SnowDog' Ettes

- DM-CUT_ProxyKing (4-15 Players) Author: Jeremy 'Jezz' Wright

- DM-CUT_SkullMoon (6-18 Players) Author: Jeremy 'Jezz' Wright

- DM-CUT_StorageAlpha (6-16 Players) Author: Jeremy 'Jezz' Wright

- DM-CUT_TheBellTolls (2-6 Players) Author: Peter 'Claymore' Nederlof

- DM-CUT_WeaponsOfChaos (2-16 Players) Author: Eric 'SnowDog' Ettes

- DM-CUT_WeaponsOfWar (2-4 Players) Author: Eric 'SnowDog' Ettes

- CTF-CUT_ChaosCastles (8-16 Players) Author: Patrick 'BadKarma' Fitzsimons

- CTF-CUT_Horus (4-16 Players) Author: Arjan 'Evil Atje' Vroegop Also included with this mod is the Chrek player model.

Well, there's the rundown. ChaosUT is a highly recommended expansion for UT99, and it's good quality modding from the ground up.

~ Kouen

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Sentry Turret User Guide

These are not the vicious little turrets you may remember from ChaosDM. These are the big brothers of those turrets. In fact, these are so big they have to be beamed in when needed. The following excerpt from the users manual explains the basic concept:

"Chaos Inc. Military Equipment, Advanced versions, Defense Turret Gamma2.21 'Chickengobbler', User Manual. Page3:

(A)- due to transportation problems the soldiers will only be equipped with a one-time-useable coordinate-submitter, also known as 'beam-beacon'.

(B)- The beacon has to be placed manually, and will not work anywhere but flat enclosed areas (this is because military insurance won't pay for any more dumb soldiers who get crushed by their own turrets due to ill-conceived placement, e.g. on weak overhangs)

(C)- The beacon has to be placed in 'suitable space' (according to guiding principle Din4.11c) which means around the beacons location should be at least 6 feet of space to each side and 12 feet towards the ceiling!

(D)- Once the beacon is placed, the turret will be beamed in within the next FOUR seconds, by your support team from outside the battlefield. Please keep a secure distance!
During this phase the beacon can still get picked up again, so although it won't be useable anymore, make sure enemy players don't capture it, cause it will interrupt the beaming process.

(E)- If the surrounding space shouldn’t fit as described in point
(C) the turret most likely will become stuck in its surroundings and will initiate a self destruction sequence. If this situation should occur, please retreat to a more distant location and expect the cost to be deducted from your soldier's pay. (Do you think our special equipment grows on trees?)

(F)- The turret can choose from either standard Exotec(tm) rockets or high-speed energy bullets (source: normal energy-weapon's ammo) to terminate the enemy. (Note: switching between ammo types takes about a second, because only one of these weapon systems can be deployed at a time)
You can also manually force the turret to switch the weapons. (Therefore you need to bind a key in the ChaosUT menu to the "turretchangeweapon" feature) 

(G)- Either weapon can be refilled manually by stepping behind the turret. (Security note: don’t leave empty turrets unguarded, the turret uses the last re-filler as its FFP, [FriendFixPoint] so if an enemy refills it, he will own it. If this happens, say goodbye to your pay [one turret + extra costs for possible team member funerals])

(H)- Hint: Don't shoot at your own turret out of boredom, if this occurs you may trigger the automatic defense system.
Note: Turrets shoot first, and then may try to find out who shot at them by analyzing the smoking piles of flesh that remain.

(I)- Future advancement note: Turret version Gamma2.3 will contain an extra shrink stasis field and teleport functions, so you will be able to use manual steering abilities from inside the turret. 

(J)- Don't spit into the exhaust pipes!
...." should try it for yourself :)

Don't forget: you have to set one key in the ChaosUT mod menu for making the manual weapon switching possible!

The ChaosUT Team
Core team: 
Frederico aka Fred Peeler - chaotic coder and wizard of beta servers 
SPA aka Stefan Spatz - models & animations, skins & sounds, weird ideas & more... 

Mapping team: 
Jezz aka Jeremy Wright 
SnowDog aka Eric M. Ettes 
EvilAtje aka Arjan Vroegop 
BadKarma aka Patrick Fitzsimons 
Claymore aka Peter Nederlof 

Special thanks to:
HolyMoo aka Susan K. Toro for tons of textures, the great Proxy & Turret-waves 
and moral support in general :) 
Syborg aka "the voice of the annoyed turret commander" 
Beelzebubba for "last minute emergency original text manual rewriting" 
Spank for his great publicity work everyday 
Major for helping in the beginning of ChaosUT to make the Proxies jumping into the right directions ;) 
our lovely "bunch o' betatesters" (R. Flagg, JB, Syborg, LoQtUS, Dachmo & Holymoo) 
who helped us kicking uncountable bugs 
all people at Infogrames and Epic who believed in the Chaos and helped us to make this thing happen,
especially Tim Hess, Steve Allison, Steve Polge and "CliffyB"

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