Cheese Mouse Fix



This mod fixes the mouse inputs in UT 99 to be 1:1 raw mouse input, but with tweaks and enhancements so that it hasn't got some of the drawbacks of other mouse modifications. 



One dark, stormy night, Cheese had too much time on his hands... and this was born! This is simply a better registry fix than the CPL Mouse fix and provides the raw 1-to-1 mouse outputs that you get with Anir's mousefix, but safe and not intrusive. Excerpt from the readme:
My fix aims to fill the gap between the CPL Mouse fix and Anir's. When used correctly, it will provide the perfect 1-to-1 mouse movements of Anir's fix while operating on the widely accepted principles of the CPL mousefix. It works by having many different acceleration "curves" which, in this case, are *perfectly* straight lines that account for most screen refresh rates users game with and can be easily modified for the refresh rates I didn't include. I've included many other .reg files for other feels and testing purposes--read INSTRUCTIONS for explanations. Ideally, someone will come around, analyze my work, and code a program that can sit in the system tray and automatically change the acceleration graph when the screen's refresh rate changes on-the-fly. I see something like that as being a very strong fix that is acceptable by LANs and Tournaments.


5 years ago

Hey I was feeling like playing some Unreal Tournament! The mouse input feels weird with UT99 for me, though I haven't touched UT2004 in forever so I'm not sure how it compares to that.