UDKInstall-Oasis.exe —


This map was completed as part of a college level design assignment. The challenge was to only use assets that already existed in the UDK editor.

The map is set in the area surrounding a small oasis in a desert. For the most part the site has been picked clean by the nearby airships, but some crates and signs of work remain.

The map has a learning curve and is better suited to human teams rather than bots. You may not find your way around at first, but once you learn to use the jump pads you will have no problem moving around the large central area at speed.

There is one issue remaining that I know of. In the tunnel under the tower (red base) there is a corridor leading to a portal. I had a problem in this area getting the path nodes to work. As a result, the bots will only go half way down this corridor before turning around and going back the other way. They will not go all the way into the small room with the portal.


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