Four Hollywood Gals Voice Pack



here's the full description:

This is my first voice pack for the classic Unreal Tournament game I converted them from my UT2004 version. This pack is nearly for most events and includes tribute to my favorite four actresses over the years: Brooke Shields, Danielle Harris, Jennifer Connelly and Winona Ryder. Some sounds are compiled through the .UAX file format and it has the single .U package in the System directory. The package consists of four classes that are four actresses according to the voices you hear, started with the "FHG" prefix. It contains 'different age' of these beloved actresses that is certain made a range from child star to adult actress. The default female voice is used in the areas in which those voices do not cover. The sounds are 8-bit, 22 kHz mono .WAV files, same as UT2004. I won't convert them to 11 kHz because it was harder to understand under all the other sound effects and music that went on in the game. These voices contain foul language throughout, so there was no point in me marking any of the taunts. I tried that once with another voice pack and couldn't play any of the marked taunts, even with the "No Mature Taunts" option disabled. I will port some of UT2004 voice packs from original author(s) to the old UT game if I would.

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